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Couchpotato July 9th, 2013 17:34

KotOR - Retrospective @ Gamersbliss
Gamersbliss has a brief retrospective for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. In the articles own words better late than never.


As far as gameplay goes, the battle system is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. The d20 model is appropriate given the different types of weapons and magic used by the various character classes and their unique modifiers. The upgrade interface is quite straightforward, and the lightsaber crystal structure provides a nice degree of customization.

In addition, players have the opportunity to choose the Light side or the Dark side of the Force in various situations. Whether itís choosing to keep someone alive, helping local thugs or picking unnecessary fights, what you do (or even say) can affect your alignment. You can choose to remain neutral, but your character must be categorized as either Light or Dark to use certain weapons, wear certain armor and gain certain abilities. This aspect of the game gives it strong replayability. I know Iím going to make an ďevilĒ character the next time around.

Overall, I canít believe I missed out on this game for so long! I can see myself playing through it multiple times and, given the sequelís reputation, look forward to Knights of the Old Republic II. If itís anything like the original, it should be a great game too!

More information.

rjshae July 9th, 2013 17:34

To me, the combat system in KotOR only felt interesting once your main character gained force powers. Otherwise it was pretty bland in terms of tactics. There was also far too much running back and forth in the handful of areas. Apart from that though they were the most enjoyable of the Star Wars themed games. (I haven't tried the more recent releases.)

Irian July 9th, 2013 18:54

Personally, the dark side never felt really interesting, as most of the dark side answers in conversations sound more like "stupid asshole" than anything else.

HiddenX July 9th, 2013 20:17

I like it when young gamers (Shea Hoffpauer) rediscover old classics.

Relayer July 9th, 2013 20:17

I wanted to love this game - and I actually did for a while during my first play through - but after getting over the fact I was actually playing a Star Wars RPG(!), I just couldn't get over the disappointment at the ridiculously easy combat and the limited environments. Yes, you get to visit several planets, but you only get to one area in each and most of the game's locations felt small and cramped.

Also, it didn't matter which class you chose, they pretty much all played the same after a while.

I enjoyed KOTOR II much more due to more interesting characters, better writing, slightly more difficult combat encounters, more conversation options, and some areas felt a little more open, less linear.

Still, the first one was a great first Star Wars RPG with a good story. I would kill for a 3rd game, preferably made by Obsidian.

HiddenX July 9th, 2013 20:25

The smuggler storyline of the online game SWTOR is pretty good and can be played as single player game easily. I'm level 55 right now after 50 days of playing.

On the other hand combat is even more boring than in KOTOR.

It is F2P so you can just try it.

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