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Couchpotato July 15th, 2013 01:51

Legend of Iya - An Epic Metroidvania Adventure
The kickstarter I'm bringing to everyones attention today is called Legend of Iya. It reminds me of the old Alundra games on the playstation.



The Game:

Legend of Iya (it's pronounced Ee-yah), has been my never-ending passion project as long as I can remember. Beginning with early 8-bit computers, and stretching all the way to present day, the game has changed, evolved and improved over the years, from a simple 8-bit run-and-jump to something far more compelling. The game has seen at least half a dozen iterations, each time dying, but being reborn as some kind of a stubborn freaking phoenix.

Legend of Iya (LOI) is a 2D, story-driven metroidvania game in development for Windows PC. As I am a pixel artist by trade, the game features top-shelf pixel graphics and animation reminiscent of 16 and early 32-bit era, with lush, varied environments, tons of animation and detail, and some crazy-huge setpieces.

Oh, and let's not forget awesome boss battles! Will have a bunch of those. In fact I ended up writing my own procedural module-animation editor for bringing those to life without killing me with animation work. The results are vaguely reminiscent of bosses in games like Castlevania SOTN and 16-bit Contras.

More information.

Santos July 15th, 2013 01:51

The graphics are great; the music, however, is atrocious. I am quite glad that he has plans to hire a professional to produce it.

joxer July 15th, 2013 02:59

Gfx IMO is… Meh. But, OMG that music kicks arse!!! Is he using C64 soundchip for it?
If he leaves it like it's in the youtube vid, I'll pledge definetly! I'm not being sarcastic.

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