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Dhruin June 29th, 2007 16:09

Hard to be a God - English Website Launched
Akella has launched a new website for Burut CT's Hard to be a God. It's a blasted Flash-y site, so no quotes, but it does include an English version.
More information.

20mithrandir June 29th, 2007 16:09

Oh how I hate those flash sites… But I'm very interested in the game.

r3dshift June 29th, 2007 16:24

Yuck, this website has to be the most repelling I've seen in a very long time. The design is plain horrible and shoddy. It's like some bloody Shrek site.

I really hope the game's gonna be miles better than that.

xSamhainx June 29th, 2007 16:50

I think the site is cool!

Weird name tho, but seems to be the name of a novel, and the description of the game seems to fit it

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