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Couchpotato July 22nd, 2013 11:39

Balrum - Update #7, Maps
The Balcony Team has posted another update for Balrum, and this time it's to talk about maps. As of right now the kickstarter is on track with $7,784 with 24 days left. So keep spreading the news and ask other sites without spamming to post about the game.


As you know by now, Balrum is a tile based game. The word is put together from tiles. Similar games to Balrum have 100x100 or 200x200 size maps. Balrum has 400x400 maps and this lets us create insanely large dungeons and areas. Chapter one consists of 4 400x400 maps that are green land masses, and 2 400x400 dungeons.

The following chapter areas are connected and we plan to have 30 400x400 maps and dozens of smaller and larger dungeons. Chapter one takes place in the Dark Woods, about 30% of the 4 maps are dense forests, also there is a large lake in the middle of the Dark Woods. When the people settled in the woods they were together in one village but soon because religious and political differences, the village broke into two sepparate villages.

The villages need to work together to survive in the woods and this need creates interesting conflicts between them. You will also find people who decided not to be a part of the villages. You can find an anchient graveyard and a long forgotten small village that is overrun by giant spiders and you…yes we need to stop here now, or there will be no surprises left! :) You will reveal why people fear this place and other darks secrets of the woods.

More information.

Moorkh July 22nd, 2013 11:39

That's not quite what I would call "on track". Looking at successful campaigns, they should be at around 30% at this point to be "on track". They are going to need some publicity fast (why didn't they get on RPS' Kickstarter Katchup this week?) or they are likely going to fail, since you typically don't see those final day-rallies unless they are at 60-70 per cent at least.

A shame, really, since I really like what they are attempting there. I backed. Did you (the Watch crowd, not just you personally, cp)?

Couchpotato July 22nd, 2013 12:14

I backed with the early bird special as it was all I can afford right now. I emailed RPS the links and asked them to cover it. Hopefully they do. Fingers crossed.:fingerscrossed:

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