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worldalpha July 23rd, 2013 16:55

Advertising on RPGWatch
Just wondering does RPGWatch allow for any advertising on your site? I'd love to promote my game WorldAlpha which launches on July 30th. I've tried the contact form a couple times, and never heard back. Let me know.

Myrthos July 23rd, 2013 18:11

I tend to get quite a few requests for advertising. Part are about MMO's and part aren't even related to RPGs. I used to respond to all of them, but as they keep on sending me similar requests over an over, I don't bother anymore.
I've made some rules on what to look in to and what to discard.
  • If the mail address is not from the company/organization (claiming to be) sending the mail, I throw it away. So anything with a gmail account is out as they are often just spam.
  • If it is not about a RPG or close to it, but looks serious I respond that it is not for us.
  • If it is about a MMO I respond that I doubt we are the right group of people to target. We do have MMO players amongst us, but most of use just stick to single player RPGs.
So I should have responded to your messages. If not than that's a mistake from my side, sorry about that. If you still want to run an ad on RPGWatch about your MMO and are aware of rule number 3, send me a message again.

worldalpha July 24th, 2013 02:05

Thanks for the reply and email. I believe that the RPGWatch users might be interested in my game. I've replied with an email, and look forward to doing some ads on RPGWatch.

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