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Dhruin June 30th, 2007 15:59

Dungeon Delvers - Update @ Official Site
Crosscut's Adam West has posted a general roundup at their site, saying they've been remiss with updates. Here's the bit on Delvers:

And if you're among the throngs who are grumbling, "So what! What's up with Delvers??" I can only say - we're on it! Dan and I talk about it almost every day (so that's something) and I even put some work in on it. Just today I was once again estimating the work remaining - a wearisome, wretched task. Suffice to say, we will get it done, but it won't be done until then.
More information.

Bargeral June 30th, 2007 15:59

Glad to see the development has moved up to the "talking about it everyday" phase. A sure sign of success.

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