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Couchpotato July 31st, 2013 14:04

Elder Scrolls Online - Ask Us Anything about Roleplaying
ZeniMax Online has their next installment of Ask Us Anything. The topic this time is about Roleplaying.


How interactive is the world? Can players toggle a 'walk' function instead of running everywhere? Will we be able to interact with objects like chairs, ladders, etc? Will you be able to enter houses, or, for example, an inn? How about setting up a romantic camp fire at night? Will we be able to build our resting places, for example by placing a blanket?

Walking is already available (along with a whole slew of emotes, which we mentioned above). You can enter lots of the buildings you’ll come across, but there are a few you can’t. There are tons of shops, inns, and temples you can enter, and even many residences. Right now, we don’t have any special camps you can set up, but there are tons of beautiful (and, yes, even romantic) vistas all across Tamriel that you can visit.

Regarding armour/clothing customization: What's there to set players apart from one another?

You can definitely expect to have options that will set you apart and allow you to customize your character’s appearance. We can’t go into great detail right now, but you won’t be disappointed (or end up looking like everyone else!).

What will the weather be like in ESO? Will it always be the same or will it change? Will we see a day/night cycle?

From snowstorms in Skyrim to rain showers over the moors of Glenumbra, you’ll experience lots of weather as you explore—through the day and night—in ESO.

More information.

joxer July 31st, 2013 14:04

Zenimax teaches ppl roleplaying? That'd be what in their "world"? Oh, I know.

TheMadGamer July 31st, 2013 19:42

People ask such lame questions. The only question that perked my interest was the one about world interactivity to which the response was essentially 'everything's static' since he avoided answering that part of the question.

melonROTMG August 6th, 2013 11:01

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