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Elel July 31st, 2013 18:47

Character build woes, please help!
I'm a new to this series, never played Divine Divinity or Beyond Divinity.

I want to play as a melee fighter and a summoner simultaneouly, with some small handy magic like healing. So I play melee along with a summoned undead, and I must say if it was not for him, I'd be getting my arse kicked hard. Loot that gave me magic missile helped a lot, too.

Which stats should I put points into? I chose strength and vitality, but also spirit for a bigger mana pool. Is it correct to think that magic stat for stronger magic is useless to my playstyle? I don't plan to use any spells except summoning, well, maybe occasionally, so their damage values shouldn't be important.

Which skills should I put points into? Somehow lock-picking hijacks a lot of skill points, but I can't calmly walk by a locked chest in an RPG game. I really want to develop the priest's undead monster and dragon slayer's sword skill for more damage, but if I do that, then there'll be no points for those many warrior perks. I'm confused.

Maylander September 4th, 2013 15:14

Hello, sorry for the late reply, I've been on vacation. Do you still need any help with the build or did you get through the game? It shouldn't be all that hard, as most builds are viable in Divinity 2.

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