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Couchpotato August 18th, 2013 19:16

Project Phoenix - Update #3, Leveling, Skills, and Squad Tactics
Project Phoenix has a new update on the games leveling, skills, and squad tactics.


Please be aware that the following gameplay will be going through extensive playtesting; not just by us, but by our Kickstarter Developers, Alpha Testers, and Beta Testers be included. If we find out a mechanic does not work the way we intended, we will modify or change it completely for the betterment of the game.

Leveling & Skills

We are still deciding on a level cap between levels 80 Ė 100. Each level cap offers their own set of unique advantages and disadvantages. We donít want to make the cap to high to where you have to needlessly grind the last 20 levels just to max out. We want our content to match your level, and provide you with a challenging yet fulfilling experience.

Leveling will work similarly to other RPGs. When you obtain a set amount of experience, you gain a level, and your stats increase. You will also gain a skill point that you can apply to one of two skill trees. We are not yet certain if you will receive a skill point upon gaining a level, or every two levels, etc. Either way, our intent is that it not be possible to max on each skill tree, even after reaching the level cap. This should provide multiple ways of customizing each character for any specific role that you require of them.

Character Classes

Although each class will start off with similar basic abilities, each will have their own different set of unique skill trees. We have announced four playable classes so far: Templars, Paladins, Pathfinders, and Battle Mages. More detailed information on Classes will be announced in future updates.

More information.

rjshae August 18th, 2013 19:16

It all sounds fairly standard, albeit with fine-grained level advancement. I guess the four classes are equivalent to Fighter, War Cleric, Rogue/Ranger, and Wizard? The home page says it will be a point-and-click combat system, which is fine. But it is unclear whether it will be turn-based, RTwP, or continuous.

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