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Couchpotato August 19th, 2013 05:00

Legend of Grimrock 2 - New Portraits
Almost Human has a new development post that introduces Emile Denis the maker of the games new portraits.


"Couple of months ago we posted to our blog that we were looking for an artist that could help us create brand new portraits for the LoG2. We received tons of applications, 234 to be precise, and I went through all of them. One artist stood out pretty early on. He had just the right style we were looking for and his communication was great and with reasonable rates, it wasn’t that difficult to select him to do the work. So, without further ado, let me introduce Emile Denis to everybody." -Juho

Several months ago, I heard about The Legend of Grimrock via some websites and several reports on tv. I was immediately intrigued by this game with an old-school and Modern side. After testing it with a friend, I really enjoyed it!

Then, last April, a friend who works in the the video game industry sent me a link saying “hey look!, I saw this and thought you would be interested in it!”: It was an advertisement from Almost Human who was Looking for a freelance portrait artist for the Legend of Grimrock 2!

I didn’t think twice and immediately sent an email with my portfolio, then, after a few days, Juho Salila give me the definitive answer: I am selected! It’s such a pleasure since I love everything related to portraits and characters! I was even happier when Juho gave me as a reference the Baldur’s Gate’s portraits (one of my favorites games)!

More information.

rjshae August 19th, 2013 05:00

Emile's blog is worth a visit. It's en français, but the art is très beau. :cool:

DArtagnan August 19th, 2013 09:16

Good looking portraits, though I can't say portraits have ever been particularly important to me.

ChienAboyeur August 19th, 2013 09:31

New options for characters or are they portraits of monsters?

JDR13 August 19th, 2013 15:29


Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur (Post 1061214266)
New options for characters or are they portraits of monsters?

The Rat-man is a new playable race.

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