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joxer August 20th, 2013 23:22

Deadfall Adventures
To sum it up:

Action -Adventure gameplay from a first-person perspective.
Set in the Quatermain-universe, created by H. R. Haggard
Fast-paced action and intense, accurate FPS gun battles
Adventurer equipment: compass, treasure maps, notebook and flashlight – necessary to solve ancient puzzles, find treasures and even to defeat certain types of enemies
Puzzles that encourage the player to explore the game environment and interact with it
Environmental traps that can be used to eliminate enemies in many spectacular ways
Exotic, picturesque locations from around the world – Egypt, Arctic and forgotten Mayan ruins in the jungles of Guatemala
Compelling story faithful to the spirit of classic action-adventure movies
1930’s setting, including detailed weapon designs
FPS meets an adventure - I'm buying this definetly. Screnshots and trailer look promising. It's not yet available for preorder, but Steam already has it listed.
More on the site:

Oh, and gameplay footage… The language outside the game is not english, sorry:

It's available as preorder currently only on amazon, the price is 35€:

HiddenX August 20th, 2013 23:37

This video works…

joxer August 20th, 2013 23:40

You saying my link doesn't work?

HiddenX August 20th, 2013 23:42

now it works :)

Zloth August 21st, 2013 04:12

That does look pretty fun! Seems like a Tomb Raider Shooter. The graphics aren't the greatest but they're good enough.

joxer November 15th, 2013 18:16

It's released, GMG where I've preordered gave me the Steam key.

However I've installed Blood Knights to play over this weekend so probably won't have enough time for both games. :(

I can't ignore the fact that the initial release had a savegame bug. And it was instantly fixed:
It's awsome when you don't have to wait a year, two, three or a whole lifetime to get patches.

SpoonFULL November 15th, 2013 18:31

Well, the reviews so far are giving very low scores for this game.

joxer November 15th, 2013 19:14

I see only average scores here:

You're right, console version got bashed by critics:

I wish all things on consoles share the same fate.

Removed Blood(y unbelievable how bad it is) Knights from my PC, means I'll be able to play Deadfall Adventures and write a word or two about it soon.

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