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Couchpotato August 21st, 2013 13:06

Project Phoenix - News Roundup
Project Phoenixhas two more updatesposted on the games kickstarter page.The first update deals with scales and stretch goals.


New Stretch Goal

We’re announcing our new stretch goal for $800k! Backers that pledge $50 or more will receive a digital copy of a poster, and those who pledge $120 or more will receive the physical copy as well. The artwork that you receive will be a Kickstarter exclusive, and will not be included in the limited edition art book or be released ever again.

New Character Scale

Once we hit our $1.025M stretch goal, we will be able create a massive overworld. We’ll be using two of the scaled figures from the rough sketch below to populate this world.

The next update is about the PayPal option and a video from Nobuo Uematsu.


PayPal Option

For those of you who do not have an Amazon account and have been unable to support us through Kickstarter, we have set up a PayPal option on our site:

100% of the money that we receive on the website will also go to achieving the stretch goals. During the Kickstarter Campaign, PayPal backers will receive the same rewards as if they had pledged on Kickstarter. This will help us because we will be receiving additional funds to create the game, and Kickstarter will not be taking a cut of the profits. On September 11th, the Kickstarter exclusive rewards will be taken off of the website.

And finally we have a new interview from the Jace Hall Show.


Does this game have a shot at bringing back the JRPG? Heck, what even defines a JRPG in the modern age of gaming?

With Project Phoenix’s international team and pedigree, JRPG is not technically a game developed “only” in Japan, and the promise of updating the genre means borrowing from the design of other games.

So, what really defines a JRPG? Fortunately, I was able to sit down with Yura and discuss Project Phoenix and the concept behind.

More information.

Zerotown August 21st, 2013 13:06

A strech goal that does not improve or expand the game, but instead allows you to download an image (after pledging at least $50) or have a printed version send to you (after $120)? That is seriously underwhelming. To say the least.

getter77 August 21st, 2013 16:19

I've seldom seen such a baffling stretch goal---I would hope the masses of backers can get them turned around on the subject towards more sensible aim.

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