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fenryo August 30th, 2013 21:22

[Action RPG, Indie, African Fantasy] AURION : Legacy of the Kori-Odan
Artwork of Enzo Kori-Odan with the royal lance "Urithi"

I want to present you an Action-RPG in development in Africa. The gameplay is like a Tales-of destiny during battles, but with a lot of epic innovations for core gamers we are !!

Theses pictures represents 40% of the final graphics quality of the games. The studio is on the set-up phase, and we have done this works without propal equipment (no graphics tablet, no good PC). Thats also why the trailer is not "moving", we could not create animations in these conditions for our gaming engines.
But we already wanted to share our gameplay/artistic concept to get feedbacks for the pro version we are creating. There were already two amateurs versions playable.

The game will be availabe on Windows and XBLA on June-July 2014. Our goal is to offer a revolution in the field of 2D Action-RPG for epic fighters !!

____________________Story Pitch:

Enzo Kori-Odan, prince of Zama, undergoes a coup’détat from his brother in law on the day of his crowning and marriage with Erine Evou. Enzo and Erine are then exiled by the traitor and the young fallen couple decides so to travel the world to acquire the Kori-Odan’s warrior Legacy in order to regain their throne.

The Weeding and crowning of Enzo and Erine

In their quest, they will realize the existential and geopolitical dilemmas behind the putsch they have faced. Beyond the fact to reclaim their place as King and Queen, they must find the rights answers to ensure the destiny of Zama against the ideological conflicts of their world.

__________________________Gameplay (Gamer spirit Design !!) :

Our goal is to create an Action RPG in high definition 2D graphics. We are inspired by “tales of destiny” in the form but we will provide plenty of innovation and dynamism :

- Horizontal Exploration in beautiful scenery with possible vertical movement (as in the classic beat them all of Snes)

Walk, run
Jump, wall jump, climb
Feed your characters while respecting their culinary tastes to make them evolve faster.
in exploration phase, Jump where you want

We are inspired by “tales of destiny” in the form but we will provide plenty of innovation and dynamism :
Real time battle, the ennemies will use the geography against you, like this guy who push a rock

Epic and strategic Real-Time Fighting!!

Facing enemies with Enzo and the support of Erine
Visual evolutive Combos !!
Several allies to recruit during your journey
Gather your Legacy ,merge the Aurions, to create new (22 aurionical transformations can be done !)
Soulful duels with immersive fighting dialogs.
A new generation of events that will surpass the classic QTE: The Cognitives Battles Event

Strategically manage your reserves of AP (MP of the game in fact) by filling manually, enemies can do the same.

immersive combat dialogs and unexpected situations

Gather your Aurion and get additional skills, up to 22 aurionic statements will be available
by merging the basics AURION


The Ultimate Legacy: each aurionic state has a very difficult skill to parry or dodge,
(and so harder to launch)
Manage your battle strategy to respond better to the ultimate enemy Legacy
You will need to anticipate in real time to fight back

- Many great secondary activities !!

One guild for secondary quests
loot and item crafting
Hunt rare monsters and create your equipment with their aurionical essences.
And so many other cool stuff!!

You are excited about this game? check more in our indiegogo campaign with the pictures gallery, trailers and OST. Preorder the game with a lot of rewards

like us, share us, back us, be a part of the story. Thanks.

Some press release on the game !!

Good Preview indiestatik
An interview in Battlegamingclub

porcozaur September 16th, 2015 17:47

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects…-the-kori-odan :D

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