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Couchpotato September 11th, 2013 05:19

Eldritch - A New Roguelike Immersive Sim
Eldritch is a new game from ex-2K Marin man David Pittman that combines roguelike, first-person, and ARPG elements.

You can pre-order Eldritch now for early access. The game is due out October 21st and is also looking for Greenlight votes.



Eldritch is a first-person action game inspired by roguelikes, immersive sims, and H. P. Lovecraft.

More information.

gumbomasta September 11th, 2013 05:20

Klezmer Cthulhu?

Alrik Fassbauer September 11th, 2013 13:37

What does the term "Eldritch" mean, anyway ? Is this an Ctulhu term ?

I often find "Eldritch machines" and such, for example in DDO.

Zerotown September 11th, 2013 16:05

It is a (sort of) synonym for 'unearthly' or 'not of this world', if I'm not mistaken.

Alrik Fassbauer September 11th, 2013 17:24

Hm, thanks.

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