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rjshae September 14th, 2013 18:06

Timothy Zahn's Parallax
Timothy Zahn is a veteran science fiction writer, with, among others, a Hugo Award winning novella and no less than ten Star Wars novels under his belt. A kickstarter is underway to produce a turn-based, galactic strategy game based upon Zahn's stable of aliens. It is described thus:

"Explore, Expand, Exploit and Exterminate your way across a galaxy of Timothy Zahn's favorite aliens… and some of yours"

"Parallax will be a turn-based strategy game in keeping with the classic 4X genre (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate). The player, as the leader of a fledgling interstellar civilization, will direct just about every aspect of their civilization’s development, including galactic exploration, expansion of the empire, exploitation of resources and technologies, and extermination of any competitors that refuse to join their empire."

Zahn is helping to develop the game. The funding goal is $500,000.

Zloth September 15th, 2013 02:29

Dang, I saw 4X and had some hope. Then I saw 'phone", "tablet", and talk of making it streamlined. Bah. I've got Endless Space for that.

rjshae September 16th, 2013 18:44

It does present something of a paradox: on a strategic level, the physical details of the aliens shouldn't matter that much… only their behaviors and technology levels.

joxer September 23rd, 2013 00:10


Originally Posted by Zloth (Post 1061218560)
Dang, I saw 4X and had some hope. Then I saw 'phone", "tablet", and talk of making it streamlined. Bah. I've got Endless Space for that.

Didn't see this earlier, so just to give a brief comment… on your comment:

Some browsers are gonna explode, mwhauahaaa.

Lucky Day September 25th, 2013 23:46

I think mobile is in bad need of a good 4x game. I'm not sure about 500k though.

hmm: link says project is cancelled. only info I can get is



This Kickstarter is going to be cancelled shortly, but we're already working on a new-and-improved version. If you'd like to receive updates about the progress and launch of the new version, or if you've got a great suggestion for us, feel free to pledge $1 so that you're added to the backer list and will receive updates.

Thanks again to everyone for all the support - it's been an awesome experience so far, I've already learned a ton, and I'm really looking forward to this reboot.

and an admission it didn't start out strong, and having in game advertisements made potential backers question it.

looks like they plan to start a new one

here's their new forum


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