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Couchpotato September 19th, 2013 15:45

Dark - Review @ PC Gamer
PC Gamer has posted a late review for Dark and gave the game a 43/100.


A work of sulky blandness that does itself no favours by latching onto better games and cooler vampires.

Part of the problem is that the levels are designed more like mazes than actual locations, with some individually interesting areas trapped in a sea of endless boxes and locked off paths. On Easy mode, unlimited saves make navigating around them easy, if cheesy – especially when enemies are hilariously susceptible to one-hit kill punches from around a conveniently boxy corner. On harder difficulties, you’re reliant on abusing AI glitches to save time and avoid repetition, as checkpoints are spaced too far apart.

Even when things go as they should, the clunky controls and thoroughly uninteresting story linking each glorified box factory together make being a terror of the night about as tempting as being a night watchman. Eric Bane – snigger – needs blood to avoid a literal fate worse than death. No amount of it can stop his game being anaemic.

More information.

joxer September 19th, 2013 15:45

The biggest problem with this game is redoing the "dungeons". You clear the area, still you have to escape from it by dealing with new enemies that just came.

What abusing AI glitches to pass hard difficulty is that reviewer talking about? There is an overpowered ability that will make your playing as easy as pie. Bad balance is another problem.

Anyway, the game is not as bad as most reviews tend to say, it's an average title you really don't have to buy and play as you aren't missing anything of importance.

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