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Couchpotato September 19th, 2013 17:29

BioWare - Pax Prime Podcasts
Nerd Appropriate has an archive of old and new podcasts with Bioware about a variety of topics. Most of the new ones deal with Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Thanks so much for checking out Nerd Appropriate’s coverage of the 2013 BioWare Base at PAX Prime. We were happy to bring you coverage of the base at PAX East and are absolutely excited to do it again for PAX Prime 2013.

For over 3 years we've been producing our podcast, Rated NA. We have had guests from Bioware like Jennifer Hale, Ali Hillis, Patrick Weekes, and Jessica Merizan as well as non-Bioware friends like Abbie Heppe from Respawn, Ashly Burch from Borderlands 2 and Courtnee Draper from Bioshock.

Upcoming Schedule

We have another full week of releases for you, here is a quick look:

Monday, Sept 16: (BioWare) - Women in Gaming, (Dragon Age: Inquisition) A Look Behind the Scenes

Wednesday, Sept 18: (BioWare) - The Future of Gaming, (Dragon Age: Inquisition) Playable Races

Friday, Sept 20: (BioWare) - Seventeen Years of BioWare, (BioWare) How to Get a Job at BioWare

More information.

ChaosTheory September 19th, 2013 17:29

To be followed by…

Monday, Sept 23: (BioWare) - Sleeping With the Enemy, EA's partnership explained

Wednesday, Sept 25: (BioWare) - Why Awesome Buttons Don't Work, PC only forum

Friday, Sept 27: (BioWare) - To Prequel or not to Prequel, The future of Mass Effect

zahratustra September 19th, 2013 18:15

Priceless :)

Couchpotato September 19th, 2013 21:18

Typical Bioware hate who didn't see this coming.:roll:

zahratustra September 19th, 2013 21:21

Oh come on Couch. But it WAS funny!

Couchpotato September 19th, 2013 21:31


Originally Posted by zahratustra (Post 1061218975)
Oh come on Couch. But it WAS funny!

Alright fine it's funny.;)

ChaosTheory September 20th, 2013 18:36

I actually really like BioWare. Honest! The Mass Effect series was genius.

…but they're so fun to pick on.

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