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Pessimeister September 22nd, 2013 16:08

BG: EE - Diary of a serial NPC Killer
Greetings Watchers; Baldur's gate fans especially. ;)

Inspired by the recent discussions on the game on these forums, I've decided to take another character through Baldur's Gate, with a focus on strange or previously untested party configurations. This will be for banter based role-playing reasons and to hopefully make use of a wider variation of combat tactics in order to progress through the game.

For my choice of main protagonist, I went with one of my 3rd Edition AD&D characters that I built to play with my uni mates in a campaign way back in 2001. We play only sporadically these days, so I decided to reproduce my dwarven Barbarian stat for stat 2nd Ed style and so make use of one of the additional classes added to BG:EE.

To further explain the title of my thread: Well, see my dwarven friend has some serious psychological issues caused by one too many moments of rage induced exhaustion and quaffing on ale in the aftermath.
The symptoms of this manifest in various ways; the most obvious being a propensity for the occasional psychotic outburst. Sometimes even a more subtle methodology shows itself; a mental plotting for the desired demise of someone who may have just looked at him the wrong way or said something they shouldn't have…

Unfortunately for the NPCs of Baldur's Gate, this means an unpredictable existence with such a protagonist in their party. Thus when the whim strikes Kael of the Axe, (old school rpg cred points to those who know where I stole the name from!) some heads will inevitably roll. The method I choose however, will differ, depending on how creative/situational I get. Reloads will be kept to a minimum, with any deaths at all of party NPCs accepted as the fated will of the gods…

Entry 1:
Kael sets forth with Imoen from Candlekeep and runs into the familiar sparring partners, Xzar and Montaron. Exploration runs smoothly in the area, despite Monty nearly falling at the hands of three diseased gibberlings.
We get to the Friendly Arms Inn, when suddenly an urge overcomes Kael when Xzar is heard to mutter "stop touching me" in a shrill voice. In a fit of rage, he hurls him into the front of the group without any possessions and soon he falls dead at the hands of a magic-missile toting Tarnesh. Montaron is heard to shout "Fool! Now we'll need another mule!" just before he too meets his doom, splattered to a Faerunian bloody mess by Kael's axe.
Imoen can only stare on in abhorrence; wishing it all but a dream…

Entry 2:
Khalid and Jaheira prove to be welcome company and reasonably able bodied in combat. This rouses the adventure-craving spirit of Kael who hears the soaring birds above him fill his heart with a longing for more deeply challenging battles. The small group arrive at Beregost, sell off their well earned items and quickly take up the services of Kagain. They also manage to peculiarly stumble into the small conflict of Neera, her external primitive looking qualities somehow endearing themselves to Kael, who agrees to take her into the party. They travel north into unknown terrain, via the Friendly Arms to return some items to one of its inhabitants and from there into Ankheg territory.

Upon short arrival, the party enjoy tactical victories over several Ankheg. When Khalid, the ever reluctant hero is heard to say "I don’t want to seem c-confrontational, but could you be a little less…well…evil." to Kagain, a shiver goes down the spine of Kael, the echo of the word "evil…evil…evil…" sending him into another frenzy. Khalid is once again stripped of all possessions and unceremoniously thrown into the leadership role of the group as Ankheg bait, falling with his signature choking cry as the first acidic spit of two spying Ankheg hit him simultaneously. *fade to black amidst Jaheira's "No tears shed for those lost in righteous bat…nooo, Khaliiid!"

And so I'll add a few more entries as I progress through the game. :) My next big aim is to get both Edwin and Dynaheir in the party together (something I've not done before) and see what happens…

Pessimeister September 24th, 2013 08:33

Entry 3:

The party (Ajantis, Kagain, PC Barbarian, Jaheira, Imoen, Neera) made their way south with a languid slow deliberation, finally making it to Nashkel. A quick trip to the east sees the group meander around the carnival looking for items to purchase for Nashkel oriented exploration. Neera, in her infinite wildness, wasn't having much of a good time fitting into the group; her randomisity wasn't proving to Kael to ultimately be that pragmatic. The party gave her the shopping duties and so "unknowingly", her route drew her into the tent of Zordral, a mage intent upon blackmail with his captive Witch. Neera wouldn't stand for this outrage, her responses drawing the ire Zordral.
A duel of magic began, Neera's "Reckless Dweomer" giving her nothing but a flight of birds (I kid you not…see entry 34 in the wild surge table) http://baldursgate.wikia.com/wiki/Wild_Surge.

Zordral's punishment was swift; a fear spell for the panic state and then a brutal casting of melf's acid arrow, leaving Neera doing an acidic dance of death. By the time help arrived, Neera's wild waltz had become a shuffle-step, then she fell. Zordral didn't last long enough to ask any of the other ladies in the party for another dance.
Luckily, Jaheira remembered that we had purchased a stone to flesh scroll, and so the party merrily acquired the services of Branwen to continue their adventures.

JDR13 September 24th, 2013 10:35

Good stuff, Pessimeister. :)

Brings back a lot of memories for me. I immediately thought of Branwen as soon as you mentioned the carnival in Nashkel. I'll never forget how cool I thought it was that you could reverse her petrification and then let her join the party. It made me really wish I had the power to petrify people myself. Of course that became a reality in BGII.

Pessimeister September 24th, 2013 22:55

Cheers mate. :)

Speaking of things nostalgic, I recently found an old savegame archive which contained some of my original Baldurs Gate saves, including a few from my very first character to finish the game back in 2000 or so. So to break things up a little, I decided to trial out the "Black Pits" using a couple of my old characters and some cloned level one versions of favourite npcs from the series.
Three hours later it was all over, short as expected but it wasn't especially unwholesome. If you combined Battle Squares from IWD2, the opening escape sequence from Dark Sun: Shattered Lands plus some scattered Elder Scrolls arena trappings in IE form, you'd pretty much have the idea.

Entry 4:

The party investigated the area west of Nashkel with intense eagerness, the trail of various creatures showing an abundance of life had been passing through regularly. A large fire-pit appeared on the horizon, signalling that they had arrived at an Xvart Village. Cue one long massive bloodbath of little blue people, with a vicious seeming unending cycle of respawn if you stop for too long. The battle gradually took its toll on the party, with individual members being forced into retreat. Finally, the Xvart leader summoned their protector, Ursa the cave bear, which was juxtaposed by Jaheira's acknowledgement of "Nature's servant awaits".
And so Kael in his devilish psychotic state of mind, sent this nature's servant in to the fray to meet her furry maker. The encounter was a truly one-sided affair, with a circle of blue bodies surrounding Jaheira's fallen corpse. She fought valiantly but was finally felled by a critical hit from Ursa's paw.
However, this gained the arrow shooters in the party enough time to pepper Ursa and the remaining Xvarts to gain the advantage and win a long drawn out fight.

And so the party duly licked their wounds and returned to Nashkel, a new opening emerging in its ranks. Thus soon, they would enlist the assistance of Minsc, his holy dejamma being the subject of the next tale in their adventure. Which will be the next NPC to suffer an ignominious death? We shall see. ;)

purpleblob September 26th, 2013 07:01


I remember doing this not so long ago for my BG:EE playthrough only few weeks back. Still haven't finished (just past Nashkel mine and Gnoll Stronghold). I wish I can write my journal in enjoyable way like you did. That's such a laugh to read. Awesome!! Keep it going! :thumbsup:

Pessimeister September 26th, 2013 08:31

@ Purpleblob (via Branwen) "I thank you for your kind words". It's good to know someone is being entertained. ;) *tips hat*.

Entry 5:

The party (Ajantis, Kagain, Minsc, PC Barbarian, Branwen, Imoen) do not delay or show any hesitation; the next destination would be the Gnoll Stronghold with perhaps (at Imoen's insistence), some sight-seeing on the way.

The ominous, heavily oppressive atmosphere of the fortress steels the group into a cautiously steady approach, wanting to draw out the enemy slowly. "By…Helm", remarks Ajantis in wonder as the two dwarfs (Kael and Kagain) mop up the apparent "owners" of the bridge before he can even swing his halberd. The party then creeps forward, cleansing the bottom tiers and caves of the fortress in an unstoppable tidal wave of hackity slash slash. Before they moved to take the upper fortress by storm, Kael gave himself a rest and dutifully obliged Branwen in her desire to become a front-line tank, ensuring she has the equipment required. "By Valkur's strapping buttocks!" she joyfully remarks in her plate mail and shield, leading the party inexorably onward, magical morning star in hand. "Full plate and packing steel!" nods Minsc in agreement.

The more difficult fights with the Gnoll Veterans go more smoothly than expected, yet their tendency to flock in numbers made us ever vigilant. The melee heavy party were no worse for wear however, with Kael's endurance oriented battle-tactics proving to be effective for the most part. Hurray for mouse magic! as a future companion, Edwin might say…(or not say)

Imoen was lurking in the shadows and searching the prison pens for signs of life when the plaintive cry of a vaguely aristocratic Rasheman female was heard. The party had achieved their objective, the loudest cheers coming from Minsc and strangely, Ajantis who fist-pumped triumphantly "yeah!" and pontificated about the glory of Helm, ticking off one of the many quest boxes in his head.

This openly self-righteous juvenile behaviour made something snap inside of Kael; and so with a furrowed brow he sent Ajantis to check the last remaining black cloud on the fortress horizon, for he knew that the Gnoll Chieftan and the last wave of gnolls patiently waited for their turn to become XP. Ajantis' went about his task in true paladin fashion, swinging his halberd just twice before he was overwhelmed, mauled and trod upon by the elite Gnoll horde. The Chieftan took Ajantis helm and kicked it down the rampart as if in challenge to the rest of the group. Minsc raged. Kael raged. Branwen invoked Valkur's ass and the rest is now history, as the new party dined in Feldepost Inn, weighing up their options for the future…Nashkel Mines here we come. ;)

Pessimeister September 26th, 2013 09:25

Entry 6:

The Nashkel mines was almost like the proverbial walk in the park until the third level, where the traps began to make progress a little slower. It was pleasing and oddly reassuring for Kael to finally have a magic-user in the party again; although Dyanheir's haughty airs and odd manner of speech took some getting used to. He especially didn't like her habit of claiming to be always right whenever she swung her sling at a kobold, as she'd often miss, making her appear dainty and petulant, qualities in women that he didn't like. Still, she had potential and demonstrated the mysterious possibilities of magic, opening up further planning mechanisms in Kael's head.

Branwen led the party in their cleansing of the ring around the final level of the mines, the grey slimes putting up the best resistance so far. The ease of the party's progression had made Minsc more jubilant than normal. Minsc had become a more "complete" addition with Dyanheir at his side. He'd also become at Kael's insistence, the party's chosen potion tester whenever a new or unusual brew was found, a role he relished.

And so in camp, just outside of "evil's doorway", Kael emptied his potion bag into Minsc's lap and proceeded to load him up on as many different potions as possible, nodding and smiling as Minsc quaffed the lot and uttered "Magic is impressive, but now Minsc leads. SWORDS FOR EVERYONE!" Kael patted him on the head and said "good boy" sending him to the front…and ultimately, to his doom.

And so Minsc, his exultant smile now floating him away with the spectral boo-fairies, high on every unusual potion buff enabler known to Faerun, was sent in alone as a one man crusade against Mulahey and his minions. The rest of the party watched on in amazement as Minsc weaved a web of two-handed fury upon Mulahey, soundly spitting him fresh like a kebab. However, his rage state kicked into overdrive and he became uncontrollable; his lack of discipline and drug induced haze ultimately allowing Mulahey's skeletal minions to surround and pummel him into a relatively painless, yet submissive death.

"You took too much man, too much…." (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas..)

The party met Xan and Kael was pleased, adding another mage to the group, as they began the long march back to Beregost, contemplating the next sojourn…

JDR13 September 26th, 2013 16:02

Kael might be traveling solo by the time he reaches Baldur's Gate. :)

Pessimeister September 26th, 2013 18:09

Hah! Indeed. I'm actually a little behind with the entries compared to my overall progress in the game funnily enough. The latest party has been a consistent one (save an experiment or two) whilst exploring the many maps between Nashkel and the Friendly Arms. I'm getting close to starting the Cloakwood maps.
Thus, two more deaths to cover yet and I'll be up to date. :)

Entry 7: A tale in which Kael endeavours to attain a trophy wife.

Upon the return to Nashkel, the party shared a few beverages at the Belching Dragon, before saying a rare farewell to Xan, wishing him all the best with his melancholy disposition. (Get well soon, elf! heh!)
This was done to achieve our original goal: The hiring of Edwin. Naturally, Dynaheir wasn't too impressed, both mages verbally jousting and aspiring to keep an eye on each other. Two mages in the party was becoming a regular occurence and something Kael was becoming quite impressed with strategically. Keeping these two on their toes via their own little in-party competition should hold the power dynamics in good stead, he thought.

Kael's next minor aspiration was to observe the Sword Coast sea from a high western point. The party (PC Barbarian, Kagain, Branwen, Imoen, Dynaheir, Edwin) made a relaxed journey to the west for a day before arriving at a run down lighthouse on the coast. A quest to find a missing boy was taken up, the party clearing out the area of its vicious populace of wolves.

Further to the west, a distinctly sweet cadence could be heard from a yonder rock outcropping. As they drew closer, two female voices, harmonised and trilled out a melody which was both hypnotic and alluring. Kael wanted nothing but to drop everything and lay out on the beach in the sun and he saw much the same helpless expressions emerging in Kagain and Edwin.
Yet his warrior survival instinct steeled the moment he saw the cause of the manipulative music: Sirines, three of them. Their cavorting would soon render his party useless if they got any closer; and so there was only one thing left to do: quaff a potion of magic blocking and Rage!

In a slew of writhing arcs from his axe, Kael butchered the first two of the savagely sonorous songbirds, when a little pin-prick of pain from behind caught him off-guard. Turning, he saw Imoen with a mad frothy gaze and realised she had been charmed against him. Yet with a single gesture he had practiced with Dynaheir and Edwin, a duet of flame arrows shot out from the unlikely duo and separated Imoen's limbs, emblazing her form in a jiggling flaming inferno. Kael watched on agape, his rage coalesced by the fervent Sword Coast winds…

Catching their breath, the party retreated towards a small crossroads on the horizon to rest and heal, at which point the sunlight glinted across Kael's vision, making him squint and hold a bloodied sweaty hand up to shield from the rays. At first he thought it was but a mirage in the warm afternoon sun; but then the faint outline of an ostensibly curvacious looking young woman in leather armour, standing with her hand on her hip expectantly, appeared…but was she real?
Is this a shamanic vision? he thought aloud, moving closer to the crossing, his beard starting to drag on the ground…

And so the party encountered the sultry seductress Safana for the first time.
Kael was incensed and knew from the initial meeting that she would make more than a sufficient replacement for that clingy Imoen girl. He'd be called buffle-headed and a strange fellow no longer! Perhaps with this Safana on his arm, more dwarves and warriors alike would treat him with respect! Such barbaric reasoning proved strong enough for the party to accept Safana's quest and let her join their group.

In the absence of the Sirines guarding the entrace, returning to the flesh Golem cave and raiding it in true pirate style was easy pickings. Thus, the weary troupe returned to Nashkel and their favourite tavern to reflect and ponder on the new dawn…

purpleblob September 27th, 2013 00:49


Gosh, now you are making me go back to BG:EE again (I was once again preoccupied by Siege of Orgrimmar….). I remember doing similar things to annoying NPCs too - not exactly stripping them naked, but I did hurl them into a big group of mop or as a "aggro grabber" (BG1 AI is so limited, they usually chase one person around so you can easily "kite"). It was hilarious… I remember doing that to Immy as well. To this day, I still don't understand why some people find her a greatest "sister" as well as a loyal companion - I found her plain annoying in BG1 (BG2 Immy is different story).

PetrusOctavianus October 2nd, 2013 16:17


Originally Posted by Pessimeister (Post 1061219317)
Kael of the Axe, (old school rpg cred points to those who know where I stole the name from!)

Bard's Tale had an axe called Kael's Axe. Not sure if the name was original, though, but judging from you sig I guess it was. ;)

Pessimeister October 5th, 2013 08:58

@ Purpleblob

I'd largely agree about Imoen in BG1 - although you could still do some neat things with her. Multi-classing to mage/thief to more suit the canon in the second game was something I did once for example.


Originally Posted by PetrusOctavianus (Post 1061220719)
Bard's Tale had an axe called Kael's Axe. Not sure if the name was original, though, but judging from you sig I guess it was. ;)

Right you are my friend; although I couldn't say for certain if the concept was original, Bard's Tale was definitely my inspiration. Whilst from memory it only does extra poison damage, it was a nice early-mid period weapon.

Because my holidays were fast coming to an end; I ended up madly rushing my way through to the conclusion of my BG: EE playthrough. The final party was:
PC Barbarian, Kagain, Branwen, Alora, Dynaheir and Edwin. Strangely enough, no dialogue of bitter enmity or duel of magic between Edwin and Dynaheir was to be found. This was a slight disappointment, but perhaps they weren't in the party long enough together? After some experimenting, I did note that Edwin has the amusing "checkmate! The witch is finally dead!" line if Dynaheir is killed in combat.

Interestingly, Branwen was the main character throwing a verbal joust here or there at Edwin and she's true neutral.

In any case, there were a couple more npc deaths, though none especially elaborate:

Shar Teel: After her one too-many delivered line of "I love bloodshed", was used as basilisk bait. She was "accidentally" shattered by Kagain after Edwin used a wand of cold on her.

Safana: I'd originally intended to turn her to stone and leave her as a statue in the Undercellar ("A suitable place indeed" - a jealously fed up Kael) but couldn't remember a way to inflict the flesh to stone state in BG1. I thought a random effect on one of the potions might do it (the rainbow oils of speed potions for instance) but could only get characters drunk. This proved enough for the party, as she was dropped in favour of the bubbly antics of Alora.

I still need to have the Eldoth/Skie combination for a greater deal of time and wouldn't mind trying Faldorn/Quayle more, so perhaps that's something for another play-through. ;) Anyway, hopefully the stories entertained a few fans here or there.

purpleblob October 9th, 2013 08:32

Aw, it came to an end already? :( A little disappointed! (was really looking forward to read it more).

Pessimeister October 10th, 2013 14:04

:blush: Duly noted, Purpleblob. (Thanks for the encouragement!)

I must admit I did rush insanely to the conclusion after getting to Baldur's Gate. I didn't play any Tales of the Sword Coast either, so perhaps when I get some extra time - I can go back to a previous save and experiment with some more npcs, such as the new Barbarian fellow, do Durlags Tower etc. After all, there are still many others out there awaiting some form of grim death! ;)


Maybe you could add some stories of your own adventure, I wouldn't mind a read. ;)

JDR13 October 11th, 2013 08:45


Originally Posted by Pessimeister (Post 1061221661)
I must admit I did rush insanely to the conclusion after getting to Baldur's Gate. I didn't play any Tales of the Sword Coast either

Blasphemy! ;) I can't even imagine doing a BG playthrough without doing the TotSC areas. Durlag's Tower is still one of the best dungeons to ever grace a crpg.

Pessimeister October 11th, 2013 09:07

Well, when I originally played Baldur's Gate, I never even owned a copy of TotSC. ;) So there's a certain precedent there…

However, my subsquent games through it have always included the expansion just for Durlag's Tower. I agree absolutely; it's one of the finest story and puzzle based dungeons in a modern role-playing game. Here's to hoping the Project Eternity team can evoke memories at least of this kind of dungeon delving experience.

DArtagnan October 11th, 2013 09:48

Do you guys know of any date for the 1.2 patch for EE?

Pessimeister October 11th, 2013 11:26

Bah, get your patch talk out of my story thread! :D *waves hand dismissively*.

No idea though to be honest DArt. I played all the way without any bugs at all in version 1.0.2011.

DArtagnan October 11th, 2013 11:28


Originally Posted by Pessimeister (Post 1061221789)
Bah, get your patch talk out of my story thread! :D *waves hand dismissively*.

No idea though to be honest DArt. I played all the way without any bugs at all in version 1.0.2011.

Sorry about that - I felt it wasn't entirely inappropriate :)

It's not so much the bugs - but the new features I'm looking for.

But but, I'll leave the thread now!

purpleblob October 12th, 2013 16:53

I've finished BG1 once or twice but never bothered to finish Dulrag's keep… I should this time around :) All those basilisks scared me off.

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