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Couchpotato September 27th, 2013 01:46

Lichdom - A New Single-Player RPG
Lichdom is a new CryEngine single-player RPG from Xaviant a Atlanta-based independent game developer. So give it a look if your interested it doesn't look that bad, and I even have some screenshots.



Lichdom is a single-player, first-person action game with an emphasis on role-playing and crafting spells. The game takes players on an adventure of godly proportions, pitting humans against the forces of worldly decay: corruption, greed, and decadence. Wielding magic like a weapon across vast, unpredictable and mythical landscapes, players face cunning enemies and daunting challenges in a battle for the ultimate prize: control of the world and everything in it.

More information.

joxer September 27th, 2013 01:46

Is it me or this has better visuals than Skyrim?

Anyway… Action… Does it mean your only quest is to annihilate everything that moves?
If not, if we get at least half decent story with it… And no endless hordes of respawning mobs… Tell me where do I preorder.

gandalf.nho September 27th, 2013 01:54

I remember hearing about this project in 2010, guess is the first time showing some in-game images

joxer September 27th, 2013 02:02

Googled a bit, the estimated release date is mid2014.

And yes, it definetly has better visuals than Skyrim, another vid:

Couchpotato September 27th, 2013 02:13

I finally posted a game you liked. I can celebrate with confetti now.:celebrate:

As for the game it reminds me of Dishonored, Arx Fatalis, and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. Which is a good thing.:)

joxer September 27th, 2013 02:21

Actually, dunno if I liked it. I liked the presentation. But it would be a shame if such great visuals are just a diablo clone in firstperson engine.

I still didn't start Dishonored (bought it when JDR said it's good and have it installed for a couple of months already). Arx Fatalis is an awsome game and I can't understand they've never made a sequel.

Kordanor September 27th, 2013 07:42

Looks much like Dark Messiah gameplay wise. Just that the melee combat is replaced by magic. Well…I liked Heretic as well as Dark Messiah and will probably check it out, even if it's just on a sale. I'd prefer a RPG though.

Couchpotato September 27th, 2013 07:58

Well going by the press release it's a first-person RPG.;) I got it after I posted this news-bit.


Atlanta-based Independent Developer to Launch Lichdom in Summer 2014

Atlanta, Georgia--September 25, 2013 -- Xaviant® an Atlanta-based independent game developer, today officially announced its new first-person RPG game title, Lichdom®. The PC-based, single-player game will launch during the summer of 2014. A sneak peek of the title was just shown at AMD’s GPU ‘14 Tech Day event, which aired live from Hawaii on September 25. Gamers interested in seeing the sneak peek can go to the AMD Gaming Facebook page.

“We’ve been working on this title for a few years now, and have shown portions of the gameplay to different parties along the way,” said Michael McMain, CEO of Xaviant. “We really appreciate both AMD and Crytek working with us to showcase it, and can’t wait to finally unleash it on the world next year. We believe RPG and Adventure game fans everywhere will really lose themselves in the action, the incredible story and the world we’ve created.”

“The AMD Gaming Evolved program is committed to collaborating with top game developers and their spectacular games,” said Ritche Corpus, Director of Developer Relations and Alliances, Graphics Business Unit, AMD. “Lichdom by Xaviant is another fine example of that caliber. With DirectX® 11 graphics optimized for the GCN Architecture, along with technology like AMD Eyefinity, Lichdom will be a definitive experience for AMD Radeon™ customers.”


Lichdom is a violent world, where cruel tyrants terrorize the people, and where dark magic corrupts the very land itself. Only one has spent centuries trying to cure the disease that plagues the world: Roth. No one knows who he is, or where he comes from, only that he fights the darkness across the ages.

Now he has returned and has chosen the player as his new champion. As the player, you are “the Dragon,” wielder of the most powerful magic the world has ever seen. With it, you will craft an arsenal of magic and create hundreds of different spells to combat the darkness that has engulfed the world. You are the Redeemer.


“Our mantra is ‘you will feel everything,’ which means that our approach to designing games is focused on immersing the player completely in the game,” said Michael McMain, CEO and creative director of Lichdom. “When gamers play our games, we want them to forget about things like controllers and keyboards. With Lichdom, we’ve achieved just that.”

The action in Lichdom is intense and dynamic. An advanced targeting system targets enemies based on player intent, rather than manual aim, making the experience feel much more like casting magic and much less like aiming a weapon. In addition, players are not bound by constraints like mana or cooldowns that slow the action, making the gameplay far more fluid.

Lichdom also brings a vast, loot-based approach to spell casting. Players get to craft their own spells, rather than finding books or trainers that teach spells others have constructed. By manipulating a diverse set of properties, players can decide how they want their spells to behave and interact with other spells. Players choose between ultimate diversity in spell selection, or powerful, but complex, synergies to create new, dynamic effects with a smaller selection of spells.

CRYENGINE will bring Lichdom’s gameplay, graphics and effects to life with amazing clarity.

“The Xaviant team is highlighting the incredible versatility of CRYENGINE by crafting a unique role-playing combat experience,” said Avni Yerli, managing director of Crytek. “We are always thrilled when licensees report that our technology allows them to break new ground in terms of game design as well as graphics, and Lichdom is a stunning example in both regards.”

The game’s visuals and action will get a further boost from AMD’s new audio technology, TrueAudio. The technology will speed the process of creating deeper, richer sounds and music, which in turn will add a completely new dimension to the overall gaming experience.

“AMD TrueAudio technology is a revolution for in-game audio,” said Ritche Corpus, director of developer relations and alliances team, Graphics Business Unit, AMD. “It frees game developers to put their unique artistic fingerprint on gaming audio in the same manner that the programmable pipeline did for graphics. We are very excited that Xaviant has adopted the technology to bring their vision to life in Lichdom.”

All of these elements and technologies will combine to make the player’s climb to power a very satisfying and rewarding experience that they will not soon forget.


Lichdom will be available in the summer of 2014. To find out more about the game prior to its launch, watch the GPU ‘14 Tech Day event at www.facebook.com/amdgaming or visit www.Lichdom.com. Players can also follow the game’s development at http://Lichdom.com/blog/.

About Xaviant:

Since its founding in 2008 by programmer-turned-CEO Michael McMain, Xaviant has grown from a small team of talented, dedicated animators, artists, designers, developers, QA and writers to a total of 60 developers from major studios and publishers. Xaviant‘s core team, which has worked together for over 15 years, consists of many talented staff members, each having 15-20 years of experience in developing a vast array of games and software technologies. The team’s past credits include game titles across all major platforms, content for major movies and commercials, and critically acclaimed books. The team is currently working on a single player action title that combines elements of RPG gameplay known as Lichdom. More information on Xaviant can be found at www.xaviant.com. More information on Lichdom can be found at www.Lichdom.com.

Kordanor September 27th, 2013 08:11

Yes, but these days everything with character development wants to be called an RPG. ^^
A couple of days ago I read an article saying that Ubisoft sees it's racing game "The Crew" as an RPG. ;)

Couchpotato September 27th, 2013 08:13


Originally Posted by Kordanor (Post 1061220031)
Yes, but these days everything with character development wants to be called an RPG. ^^
A couple of days ago I read an article saying that Ubisoft sees it's racing game "The Crew" as an RPG. ;)

Well gone are the days of pure RPGs the Era of cross genre pollution is the future.;) This is actually nothing new as it has been happening for years.:)

Kordanor September 27th, 2013 08:16

Oh, wasn't a critic on the news though. Just saying that I would have prefered a "real" rpg. ^^

Couchpotato September 27th, 2013 08:20


Originally Posted by Kordanor (Post 1061220033)
Oh, wasn't a critic on the news though. Just saying that I would have prefered a "real" rpg. ^^

I know. As someone stated before just add RPG elements, and your game is now an RPG nowadays. I'll leave it at that good day now.:movingon:

guenthar September 27th, 2013 08:27

Joxer: They actually were making Arx Fatalis 2 until Ubisoft bought them.

JonNik September 27th, 2013 08:55


Damn, between this and Dark Souls (which despite being enormously unimpressed by for the first hour or so I have spent with it, harkens favorably back to Blade of Darkness which I loved in its day) its like reliving my youth in HD! ;)

SpoonFULL September 27th, 2013 11:39

Well, Hellraid (from Techland) will be coming this winter which includes both melee and magic combat and it does look good as well.

It seems that old-school Heretic/Hexen vibe is back in season!

azarhal September 27th, 2013 14:25

A RPG focused on playing a spellcaster only? Oh, "gameplay" section on the official website calls it an action/adventure game. That explain it.

The spells effects are pretty and creature design is cool though. Also, pretty CryEngine.

Sacred_Path September 27th, 2013 14:29

I thought I would be, you know, playing a lich. :(

wolfing September 27th, 2013 14:33

they mentioned spellcrafting is a big part of the game. Since Skyrim removed that (and probably the main reason why I never could get into the game, 2 failed attempts), I might actually like it more than Skyrim.

mercy September 27th, 2013 15:11

Skyrim looked beautiful at release and those Ice Caves were awesome! Lichdom also looks nice, but not the ripped map designs, like Dark Souls hell cave at 00:20.

TimtheTaxMan September 27th, 2013 20:28

Looks intriguing. Any word on DRM?

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