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Couchpotato September 27th, 2013 01:50

Frontiers - Delays and a Guest Update
Frontiers has a new post-funding update with about delays, and a new guest update.


Delays, Delays, Delays

A lot of you saw this coming, and a lot of you already know via the forums, but it's time to make it official: The Alpha is delayed until mid-October. To quote myself: "The delay is due to some typical development stuff (interface refactoring taking longer than expected) some real-life stuff (a family wedding that I'm on the road for as I type this*) and some unexpected stuff (the departure and replacement of my head writer). No one thing was enough to bog me down but together they've set me a week or two back. These delays may also affect delivery of the remaining kits I had lined up for this month, though I may still pull through with those."

(*Congrats Ken & Carla!)

I'm still keeping the kits listed as September releases on the Backers Calendar just in case I can pull it off but they're looking more and more like an October release.

On the Plus Side

Delays aside, things are going well. Some recent achievements:

  • ALL of our side quests are written (a whopping 160+ pages of fun-tastic material)
  • Ryan has stepped in to finish the main quest and he's doing great
  • Given continues to kick ass on the new terrain
  • The official site has gone live (still needs tweaking, but it's coming along)
  • As of tonight the interface back end is much more Oculus and Controller friendly
  • Other things that are cool but it's time to get to the Guest Update
Guest Update - Erik Dinnel

Lastly, I've asked several people on the team if they'd be interested in contributing a fun story or a unique perspective (a la Steve Barnes' Update of Happiness,) and Erik Dinnel was the first to turn his in - I'd expect no less from the guy who shot and cut both our campaign videos in in a matter of days. I had completely forgotten about both the land sharks and the white 'X' so this was a treat to read - hope you all enjoy!

More information.

joxer September 27th, 2013 01:50

Can't remember was beta an option in my pledge. Because if it was, I can't wait to betatest:


ALL of our side quests are written (a whopping 160+ pages of fun-tastic material)

gandalf.nho September 27th, 2013 15:58

I'm happy for having backed this one, every update the game looks better and better

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