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Myrthos July 13th, 2007 07:37

Eschalon: Book 1
More information.

Fleisch July 13th, 2007 07:37

Everyone who likes turn-based RPGs should check this out. I'm betting on a fall 2007 release, although I have no actual information.

Corwin July 13th, 2007 09:31

We're all quite keen on this game here at the Watch, so as more news becomes available, it will be posted here!!

Wulf July 13th, 2007 11:34

Just one look at the screen shots says this is my kind of game, i hope Basilisk Games makes it happen.

I see this is the first of a trilogy, this suggests a devoted developer team with projected plans, i wish them well with Book 1.

txa1265 July 13th, 2007 13:00

Yes, this is definitely one that many of us are keeping an eye on - they have been excellent about regular updates, and are very active on their own forums.

zakhal July 18th, 2007 06:35

Looks nice. Added it to my list.

txa1265 July 25th, 2007 13:37


Originally Posted by Naruto Uzumaki (Post 37253)
can i say somthing where can i download divine divinity

It is still available for purchase - if you are in the US you can go to stores like CompUSA, Best Buy, Target or Walmart and find it in their 'jewel case' section for $9.99. Ebay has plenty of listings, and so do game trading sites. I am fairly sure there is no 'digital download' edition available to buy, and neither is it on Steam. Downloading otherwise would be … um … pirating.

Pladio August 1st, 2007 04:32

Is there any information on price, distribution, and availability in the UK ?
(Talking about Eschalon)

Gallifrey August 3rd, 2007 02:21


Originally Posted by Pladio (Post 38375)
Is there any information on price, distribution, and availability in the UK ?
(Talking about Eschalon)

Thomas has said they won't set the price until the game is done, but that he expects it'll be in the $25-30 range. I'm guessing that's in American dollars.
As for availability, I believe that because it's primarily a direct download distribution, it'll be available anywhere.

Pladio August 3rd, 2007 20:22

Thank you. Will there be a demo too ?

Gallifrey August 5th, 2007 17:42

Yep, a demo is planned for the same time the game is released.

crpgnut November 20th, 2007 16:32

Okay, the demo is out but it is very small. It takes about 2-3 hours to complete if you go everywhere you can walk. You get 2 dungeons, 1 town and some ruined buildings. If the demo is this small, how big is the full game? Anyone know about what percentage the demo covers? Hopefully 5% or less!

Wulf November 20th, 2007 19:26

Short and sweet indeed, barely started and it was over, i'll wait for a bit more feedback on the depth-of-play before plunging in at the deep end.

Demo's have to sell the game and pave the way to decent sales returns, will the EB-1 demo achieve this? - time will tell.

chamr November 20th, 2007 22:05

Really? Did you guys rush through? Took me almost 6hrs to see every inch of the demo. Maybe my char was a bit on the weak side?

Gallifrey November 20th, 2007 22:30

I think I played the demo for a good few hours on the first play-through. I'm not sure for how long exactly but it was a couple of days of playing.

crpgnut November 20th, 2007 23:02

I played a mage, chamr. I can't remember a combat where a monster even reached my character. Just a level 3 dart spell and POOF! they're dead. I took the druid belief system so I could just pop outside to rest for a few minutes if I needed more mana. I might have missed a few things. I didn't have spot hidden, so if there is some hidden dungeons in the first few maps, I missed them.

Lethal Weapon November 27th, 2007 20:57

After applying the latest patch, classes are much more balanced. I went into the trouble of using a pro too for properly configuring my monitor's brightness and gamma. The cartography skill is no longer necessary after that, I can explore the dungeons just fine. Spot Hidden is still a must for my fighter though. I'm not very far into the game yet, the dialogues are relatively few but I have been enjoying all of them, my favourite being the cleric urging me to get rid of all of my material goods and then reminding me that the church always accepts donations :lol:

Dark Savant November 28th, 2007 10:07

Patch v1.03 is available

[FIXED]: Vela has been redesigned a bit to help prevent the accidental failure of a specific quest.
[FIXED]: Hide in Shadows bug.
[FIXED]: Quick Travel with container window open crash.
[FIXED]: Alchemy lab ingredients inconsistency.
[FIXED]: Gravedigger's Amulet notification leaves the Effect Window when amulet is removed.
[FIXED]: Messing around with inventory while wearing a Gravedigger's Amulet no longer spams the message box.
[FIXED]: Enkindled/Enchanted bonues on weapons end appropriately when spell runs out.
[FIXED]: Compress Atmosphere scroll icon properly set.
[FIXED]: Fleeing enemies now avoid leaving the map which can cause problems; also creatures that might already be stuck on the edge of a map are forceably dealt with.
[FIXED]: Quick-swapping weapons while holding an item no longer deletes the held item.
[FIXED]: Yet more typos, and a few map alignment issues.
[FIXED]: Rare occurrence of system hanging when you strike a powder keg with a melee weapon.
[UPDATED]: Random Encounters (while camping) puts enemies in better locations- should no longer trap enemies in trees or in locked rooms.
[BALANCE]: "Divine Ore" quest pays 1000xp, rather than 100xp

blatantninja January 15th, 2008 21:57

Quick question. I haven't downloaded the demo yet, but is the game a single character or party based? Thanks!

VPeric January 15th, 2008 22:12

Single character.

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