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Couchpotato October 11th, 2013 00:26

GOG - Witcher & Dragon Commander Sale
GOG.com has two new sales that will interest many here. Read below for the links with the details, and enjoy everyone.

Get Dragon Commander 40% off & Win a DRAGON!


Divinity: Dragon Commander is 40% off (that's only $23.99) until 3.59 AM GMT on 14 October 2013. The same discount applies to the Divinity: Dragon Commander - Imperial Edition pack, and the Divinity: Dragon Commander - Imperial Edition Upgrade DLC (the one to use if you already have the regular edition but would like to upgrade it to the "imperial" version). That's not all. We've barely started! We've engaged in dark acts of enscorcery and are offering them up to you! This is an actual thing: we took an actual dragon from the actual game of Dragon Commander and printed it in all three of the dimensions that you and I readily perceive. We have taken the purely digital and made it analog. There is no end to our power! The universe is ours to command—to control! BWAHAHAHA—aherm.

Special Promo: Get The Witcher Free With Any Purchase!


Buy any game on GOG.com and get the Witcher 1, too, free for a limited time!

This is the final week of our 5th Birthday Celebration. We're going to go above and beyond the call of birthday, though, and give you guys something incredible for our final thank you: buy anything on GOG.com—yes, anything—and get a free copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition with any purchase.

More information.

joxer October 11th, 2013 00:26

TW1 as a bonus freebie on anything, even on those $0.99 stuff?
Tell me I've read it right.

Couchpotato October 11th, 2013 00:32


Originally Posted by joxer (Post 1061221726)
TW1 as a bonus freebie on anything, even on those $0.99 stuff?
Tell me I've read it right.

Yes they say buy anything so that means price doesn't matter.:)

Fluent October 12th, 2013 01:42

I made a few different purchases and I got several copies of the Witcher. Anyone need it? I can gift it you, just let me know.

Ihaterpg October 12th, 2013 10:38

Already the sales and still no Mac version, frankly I do hope they won't make such crap for Sin.

Ihaterpg October 12th, 2013 10:42

I frankly doubt you can gift TW1 get in this way, common there's many 2 buck sales so you buy one then another one and each time you get a copy of TW1?

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