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Couchpotato October 11th, 2013 23:20

Memories of A Vagabond - New PC JRPG Game
Now if your not interested in JRPGs please move on, and don't waste your time. http://www.rpgwatch.com/Scripts/Mce/…miley-wink.gif

Now for the rest of you still reading Memories of A Vagabond: Broken Destiny is a newJRPG made using RPGMaker. You try a free demo or buy the game here for $4.99.



Become a young mercenary and travel from soul to soul to avenge your fiance and her family. While finding a way to travel back in time, you will encounter many obstacles and meet new allies. This turn based RPG on PC is meant to explore your imagination and intelligence. WILL YOU BE BRAVE ENOUGH!!?!!

More information.

Roq October 11th, 2013 23:20

Doesn't say a lot for the capabilities of RPGMaker.

rjshae October 12th, 2013 00:33

It does make cute beeping noises. :cool:

Couchpotato October 12th, 2013 00:57

Well it's good to see people can't read as I said don't waste your time reading, or commenting if your not interested.;)

Apparently that's to much to ask around here.:cool:

Fluent October 12th, 2013 01:35

Game looks wonderful. I will be checking it out.

Thanks for posting it, Potato.

fadedc October 12th, 2013 20:41

Hmm, my first thoughts while watching the video was that it looked way too simplistic even for someone who likes JPRGs and sometimes RPGmaker. However as the video went on I was intrigued by the parts with crafting and reincarnating with new bodies. I'd still need to read more before I'd spend time on it though.

Carnifex October 12th, 2013 21:50

It looks interesting, I'll be waiting to hear what people say about it. Like, if it works well with mouse and keyboard, for instance.

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