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Couchpotato October 21st, 2013 13:02

Legends of Dawn - Late Review @ GreenlitGaming
Greenlit Gaming has posted a late review of Legends of Dawn giving the game a 4.5/10.


The Verdict

Not worth $20. If you have purchased it, try and make the best of it. The development team should have targeted their priorities better. Everything about this game seems very half baked and more time could have been spent on perfecting specific areas as opposed to being a jack-of-all-trades.

The Good

  • Good voice acting
  • Level progression

The Bad

  • Awful camera
  • Level detail
  • Frustrating combat

Roq October 21st, 2013 13:02

Yes, the camera was the straw for me, but I don't imagine that I'd have played it for long anyway. Agree with the conclusion in the review that small game developers consistently bite off more than they can chew: RPGs are like icebergs, 8/9 of the work involved is only apparent when you get below the surface. Hopefully something decent will turn up soon.

joxer October 21st, 2013 13:23

I didn't get exhausted playing it, in fact I stopped as it's initial release was sucking too much of power out of my UPS, so it's not some real bugs that would make me spitting on it like certain AAA title. Althought it was patched thoroughly later, still didn't find time to play it again.

But one thing is sure. I didn't find the combat frustrating at all so dunno what the reviewer is talking about.
Also, looking at the short part of the game I've explored, the only minus I'd put are immortal enemies. Those were not much annoying too early like in Inquisitor, dunno what would happen later though. But Roq, if you ask me, the only mistake small game developers' can make is filling the game with grind.

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