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Dhruin October 22nd, 2006 18:35

KotOR 2 - Restoration Project Update
It looks like Team Gizka's Knights of the Old Republic II Restoration Project is content complete. The site has an overview of their upcoming milestones, with the current 0.7b3 going past 0.7b1 - "All content implemented. All Block, Crash and Major severity issues resolved".
There's still a long way to go according to their forums but this should be worth watching for KotOR2 fans. Thanks to a post at Octopus Overlords for the reminder on this one.

More information.

mogwins October 22nd, 2006 18:35

I never got round to playing KOTOR II. I played the first one and half enjoyed it, though it was a bit on the rails and certainly RPG-lite. With the current patch (and the lack of other quality distractions), anyone think it's worth me picking up a cheap copy of KOTOR II?

Cormac October 22nd, 2006 19:22

I played and enjoyed both; I know that many players consider the second one superior but in my opinion they were pretty much equal as storylines go. There are some improvements in combat and you can influence party members to act and think like you do (turn them into Jedis, either light or dark side) but it's still the same linear route, with 4 or 5 planets to visit in whatver order you prefer.
Since I played the XBox version I'm tempted to get the PC one to try out this restoration project mod. That's crazy, isnt it ?

txa1265 October 23rd, 2006 01:41

My review of KotOR II talked about it in three sections - excellent beginning, very good midle, and very flawed end-game.

I have not completed it a second time … unlike the first one that I've probably finished ~8-10 times.

mogwins October 23rd, 2006 03:08

Do you think that "flawed ending" could be the target of this restoration project, and are you tempted to give it a go (and share your findings ;) )?

You played through the first one 8-10 times? Wow, you're more of a fan than me - I don't think I could stomach a second play through - I found it too linear and the "twists" cliched and predictable. Not that it wasn't without fun, but once was enough for me.

txa1265 October 23rd, 2006 03:23


Originally Posted by mogwins (Post 2241)
Do you think that "flawed ending" could be the target of this restoration project, and are you tempted to give it a go (and share your findings ;) )?

That is my assumption - most of the cuts were dialogue and sub-plot elements from the end rather than just a progression to final battle.

Corwin October 23rd, 2006 03:37

I played the first one twice, but didn't enjoy the Dark Side as much as I thought I would, so I only played the second one once!!

Jaesun October 23rd, 2006 08:59

Glad to see more progession on this. I am greatly looking forward to it.

MasterLich October 24th, 2006 15:44

Me, too, played KOTOR II just once. I want to wait for this mod before making a second attempt. I actually thought that this project was abandoned as it's a long time there were any news about it.

@mogwin: Yes, if you can still find a cheap copy somewhere, I think it's worth getting. I got mine about a year after the release, and must admit that it would probably not have been worth the full price - it's a bit like an expansion as it uses some models from KOTOR I and actually has a whole planet from it. Still, time passed quickly playing it.

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