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Couchpotato November 4th, 2013 02:52

BioWare - N7 Day 2013
Bioware annouces on the companys blog that N7 Day 2013 is just around the corner. Now I have no idea what it is but give it a look if your interested.


November 7th, 2012 marked the inaugural N7 Day — a day to join together as a community and celebrate the Mass Effect universe. Through the power of social media, we connected with over 12 million fans around the world and delivered a day’s worth of content and activities! With additional support from our family of partners, we were also able to offer some great deals on Mass Effect merchandise.

More information.

rjshae November 4th, 2013 03:48

Receiving less notice: N1 Day 2013 — the number of fans happy with the ending… ;)

Capt. Huggy Face November 4th, 2013 05:41

Bioware is now making up video-game holidays to commemorate itself? That is truly pathetic. Which EA marketting douchebag came up with that idea? :puke:

zahratustra November 4th, 2013 16:04

I think that there might be just enough space left on Mount Rushmore for EA corporate logo.

Carnifex November 4th, 2013 19:35

I'd prefer to see a huge elevated finger aimed squarely at EA. This idea might have had merit after ME 1 or 2, certainly not after the debacle that was ME 3. I almost prefer the days when playing computer games was a "dirty little secret' than this overabundance of nerd-dom.

zahratustra November 4th, 2013 20:37

You mean something like this?

Thrasher November 4th, 2013 22:14

haha This seems like a non-event if you ask me…

Alrik Fassbauer November 5th, 2013 20:27

The "ship droid" in SWTOR is called "C2-N2". Coincidence ?

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