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evokerspath November 4th, 2013 03:25

The Evoker's Path- PFRPG compatible adventures and terrain
The Evoker's Path is a trio of Adventures, compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, with add-on Dungeon Terrain. Includes detailed encounter setup maps for compatible terrain.

View out Kickstarer site here!

The Evoker’s Path is a trilogy of adventures for use in The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or compatible fantasy RPG's. Each adventure will be approx. 20-25 pages of core content, along with additional character information, background story, terrain maps, etc. We anticipate the final product to be between 85-100+ pages when completed.

Our Intent: This story line will add intrigue and adventure to the worlds you create. We do not intend this adventure path be a full-fledged campaign, rather an easily insert-able part of your world. We are specifically designing the towns, characters, and creatures to easily be embraced into a larger world of your own choosing or design.

While we have recommended encounter numbers and ratings, each encounter can have its numbers easily increased or decreased to meet the needs of your individual setting or party makeup. Do you want to be Mr./Ms. Nice Guy GM, or have the players finally hit that last nerve? That's your call. Trust us, we have been there.

While we want to keep parts of the adventure 'in character' for all you RP'ers, we also want the classic dungeon crawl “hack and slasher's” to enjoy their time. So we will have notes at certain points, this will be for the GM only to possibly spice up your game.

Our Story: We intend The Evoker’s Path to take your characters through three distinct parts of the adventure.
•Part 1- The Coming Storm- designed as an introduction and story hook for 4 to 6 characters level 1-3.
•Part 2- The Elemental Surge- designed to intrigue, develop teamwork, group decisions and support, and to discover a re-occurring foe. Designed for 4 to 6 characters level 3-5.
•Part 3- The Rift- the final encounter with a few old 'friends'. Can your party be true heroes? Only time will tell. Designed for 4 to 6 characters level 5-7.

The basic campaign story revolves around a group of Evoker's (Summoner's, Wizard's, Sorcerer's) that are trying to open gateways into the elemental planes. Do you stop them? Or maybe this works to your parties advantage? Only time will tell. I don't want to give to much of the story away, but there is definitely more that can be added by you, or future adventures.

Our Difference: We not only offer the story, but a way to visually represent the epic battles you are due to have. We will provide instructions with each encounter/map to build the rooms using compatible terrain. Each map will come with a legend listing pieces to be used for easy setup.

Our Terrain: While it is great to play pen and paper games, to use your imagination to flesh out worlds of fantasy, the future, or past, but everyone seems to have their own picture of combat in their minds eye. "I wasn't standing there, I was over here" "He can't reach me, I moved remember?" To solve this many people turn to graph paper and miniatures. Why not add that one extra step? A dungeon complete with floors, walls, twists and turns. What better way to explain what it is like to walk down the hallway into the grand dungeon crypt then to actually be able to simulate it. Don't worry about line of sight issues, look for yourself; you know you can’t see around that corner. It adds depth to any game.

Our terrain is based on 1 inch square grids. We mold our terrain pieces from high strength plaster. This creates a product that when hardened is just like stone, and is VERY strong. The look and feel of the pieces adds even more to the image we have been trying to create with this terrain.

We offer two terrain options unpainted and hand painted.

The unpainted version comes in light Grey and is fully useable as is. This is unsealed and ready for painting. We offer this option for those who enjoy terrain and miniatures and want to take the time to paint each piece for yourself, or play as received. The choice is yours. (Although we do recommend sealing it with a clear finish to protect the pieces from wear/tear and moisture)

The hand painted option includes multiple coats of paint and shading, to create a true dungeon feel. We then seal the paint to the plaster to prevent the paint from rubbing off accidentally and to prevent the plaster from picking up any spilled liquids that may come in contact with it.

What are we funding: We are seeking funds to cover the costs of printing, art work fees, packaging and shipping the books. Along with materials to make, mold, paint, and ship the terrain.

Funding as a Gift?: Looking for something special for a gaming friend or loved one? We are well aware that the holidays are approaching and everyone loves gifts. While we wont be ready to ship by the holiday season, we are currently designing a printable/email-able gift certificate (more info/previews to come) so that special someone can know what is coming early next year. If requested, this will be delivered digitally shortly after the end of funding- you can tell us if its a gift, and who it is for.

Your Feedback: While we have the story path laid out, we also welcome feedback. What do you love about campaigns/adventures? What do you hate? Backers will actually play a part in the final product. While we may not be able to use every idea, we will listen to them all. We will be hosting a website and forum system during and post Kickstarter campaign to work through these ideas and issues.

Please see our kickstarter site for the most up to date information and pictures of the terrain.

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