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Galaad November 11th, 2013 08:56

Franchise Hockey Manager anyone playing?
Just curious, I know there are some other hockey fans on the forums so I figured I'd ask :) if anyone is playing FHM… If not, check it out. Its by the same guys who made OOTP baseball. Can't say if its as good yet since Im installing it while writing this ;)

But based on what I know from OOTP it should be pretty good.


JDR13 November 11th, 2013 22:59

I'm a big fan of hockey (NHL, NCAA), but I've never really been able to get into hockey video games for some reason.

FHM looks interesting, but I'd prefer to actually participate in the games rather than simply watching them unfold.

Galaad November 12th, 2013 00:54

Well, its not even watching them unfold so much :) Its all about drafting prospects, making choices as a DG for the contracts, scouting etc etc.

This is a type of game for those who love stats….and there's quite a lot of them actually among RPG players I think :P.

Also, it plays very well leagues ''online'' although its more like PBeM…If its anything like OOTP anyway, you can upload to a server your trade offers, lineups and everything you can think of as DG/Coach and then the stuff is simulated.

I haven't yet tried it for FHM so I could be wrong, but I doubt it ;).

greywolf00 November 12th, 2013 01:11

Not a hockey fan but I do love sports sims. Would love to hear your impressions when you've played it a bit. If it's on par with OOTP I'll add it to my watch list.

Galaad November 12th, 2013 15:19

Well, I'm sad to report that the level of polish isn't nearly close to that of OOTP. From what I read it was released in a pretty bad state and it now is somewhat better but still far from what it could be.

The sims are very slow, lack of crucial info on many pages that forces you to dig through a few pages back and forth. It doesn't seem to keep track of a few important stats over time as you sim….it feels a little shallow.

One of the things I really liked in OOTP was to create a fictional league and sim say 50 years to have it build its own 'history', champions etc…and then i could play in a league with a history of its own. Not that it can't be done, but there's something lacking there though…. Maybe the info is there somewhere but the UI isn't that friendly and it could be that it simply isn't easy to find :P…

Ah well! Hopefully patches will correct these things.

dteowner November 12th, 2013 17:16

Unfortunate. I remember playing the crap out of Baseball Manager by Infinite Monkey many years ago. I can't stand baseball, but the game sure was fun. I wonder if being a fan of the sport in question would actually cause problems. With the baseball thing, I just took the stats for what they were and accepted whatever the game spat out. That would be more difficult if I know that (for example) an NHL goalie with a .850 save percentage would be unemployed rather than just accepting what the game generated.

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