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Risine November 11th, 2013 15:46

Deathfire : Ruins Of Nethermore
Just discovered this very new and promising old-shool RPG kickstarter campaign by the producer of Planescape :

It looks great and really RPGish, I hope it will succeed.

joxer November 11th, 2013 16:18

That title is already covered on this site and many of us are backers. :D


Risine November 11th, 2013 18:35

Thanks, just missed it apparently!

Ihaterpg November 23rd, 2013 20:01

Backed, alas seems like this KS won't do it, really sad because the projects seems going to be great.

Anyway worth a pinpoint in KS section of the forum, too bad if all members already pledged it so can't help more this KS.

Gokyabgu December 1st, 2013 00:15

Come on, more interest (and of course backers) for Deathfire!!!

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