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Couchpotato November 15th, 2013 07:00

Might & Magic X - Second Patch Released
Limbic Entertainment announces on the development blog for Might & Magic X that the second patch for the Early Access version is now available. You also get a look at the promised modding kit.


Today we are happy to present you the second official patch of Might & Magic X Legacy Early Access. As well as delivering many game improvements, we are very excited to announce that this second patch for MMX Early Access comes bundled with the MMX Modding Kit, allowing you to create your very own adventures!

Before we talk about all the exciting things we have in store, we wanted to thank you all for the numerous messages posted on the Open dev blog and forums. MMX would certainly not look so gorgeous today without you.

Let's talk about the Modding Kit release first! We really wanted to get this powerful kit into your hands as soon as possible, so that you can dive straight into creating and playing mods before the game is actually fully released. In addition to this, we are currently developing a new feature for the website, the Maps & Mods tab, which will enable you to share your mods with other fans and track down the best mods out there. This feature is not ready yet, but our web developer (Open Dev Blog’s father Supacoco) is working hard to release it before the end of the year, and when finished it will be accessible to everyone from the Open Dev blog.

The Modding Kit is an extremely flexible, feature-rich tool, and we wanted to show you some examples of the amazing mods that it can produce. That is why a few weeks ago we contacted two modders from the MMX community--one from RPG Codex and the other a MMX Ultimate Adventurer from the Open Dev Blog! They are currently creating their own mods that will be available when the Maps & Mods feature goes live. If you too are interested in modding, then you should totally check out the following guide: MODDING KIT GUIDE.

With the Modding Kit installed you can immediately start creating your own adventures or just have fun discovering all its features. However you use the kit, what you learn will be very valuable in the near future when a special modding contest is announced… Watch this space!

More information.

Caidh November 15th, 2013 07:00

I must have missed this. Didn't know there would be a mod kit for the game. Will be interesting to see what folks do with this.

Benedict November 15th, 2013 17:30

It seems to have wiped all of my equipment from my save game . . . I would avoid if possible!

crpgnut November 15th, 2013 17:57

They said you would have to restart with it, IIRC.

Kordanor November 15th, 2013 21:17

Did anyone see any changes which actually have a big impact on the gameplay?

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