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Pladio November 18th, 2013 01:07

Crusader Kings 2 : Sons of Abraham major DLC


On November 18th 2013, Paradox Development studios will release their sixth major content expansion for their hit strategy title, Crusader Kings II. Titled, Sons of Abraham, it marks a transition of sorts between the initially planned post-launch content, and the start of a new series of expansions that will last through to at least this time next year, if not 2015. Considering Paradox Development Studios are also supporting the recently released Europa Universalis IV (which already has its first expansion on the way), along with whatever else they’re working on, that’s a remarkable level of commitment. In part one of this two-part feature, we look at the ‘Master Plan’ behind Crusader Kings II, and how PDS are creating a new legacy for themselves.

I didn't see this anywhere on the forum yet and I know a lot of Watchers are CK2ers too. So here's some nice info for them.

wolfing November 18th, 2013 14:49

The best thing about this DLC for me, is that it adds ironman mode to the game… even if you don't buy the DLC! (that's the beauty of Paradox's DLCs, they add features to the core game too).

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