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cptmaxon July 19th, 2007 13:05

NOTR question
I know there's a quest to find the weapon dealers for the bandits. I've done it before and also you get this amulet that searches things for you…
but I can't seem to get it to work this time… I don't remember the prequisites for it… I know it comes from vatras but that's about it, any help would be apperciated:)
thanks a bunch

Maylander July 19th, 2007 14:21

The two things are related to the same quest, and it seems like there's a problem starting that quest - sometimes I get the quest from Vatras, sometimes I don't. I managed to discover where the actual bugtrigger was on my last playthrough, but this is a long time ago so I can't recall where that was.

You will probably never get that quest now, unless you want to reload earlier games. The trigger is located somewhere in the whole ornament->Lares->ring of water questline, so the safest way to do it is to reload and do the whole thing by the book.

However, it is not actually important, and the amulet is pretty much useless, so whenever I don't get the quest I just ignore it and continue on with my game. There is another bug that is a whole lot more important to avoid that is also related to the whole Lares thing, and that is whenever Lares doesn't want to follow you up to see Saturas. If this happens, that his entire dialogue option for going there is removed, you either need to reload or use Marvin mode, as the game will be broken.

cptmaxon July 19th, 2007 16:05

yeah I found that out the hard way too, had to restart my game :(
ohh well

cptmaxon July 20th, 2007 13:42

I found the trigger , if you ask vatras what the ring of water does , he will start saying how they battle bandits and that someone from the city is supplying the bandits….
what a great game, i just love it

gaboru93 July 26th, 2007 10:00

ummm i think that you must find the weapons dealer after you are accepted in their ranks, and this would be your first mission! But don't quite remember… maybe it was as cptmaxon said…
;) cool game!

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