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Thunderchunks79 December 1st, 2013 00:21

Help with CP 1.75 colors and darkness
I have read some posts and I can see there are some very knowledgeable posters here, so… I need help!

I upgraded to the CP 1.75 from the CP 1.74 because I had heard good things about the performance and it does indeed run with much less stuttering. However, the Community Patch people also decided (by default) to make the game look like Gothic 1 and 2. I do not want the game to look like Gothic 1 and 2. I liked the crisp, vibrant colors that Gothic 3 had originally. I also don't like the "realistic" darkness where you can't see anything at night.

Is there any way to change the settings back to the way they were before without having to go back to CP 1.74 and losing the performance improvements of 1.75?



Thunderchunks79 December 1st, 2013 01:16

Or, if that's not possible, what's the best way to reduce the stuttering to a minimum in 1.74?

Kostas December 1st, 2013 02:03

I don't remember too much about 1.75 but the main change that could have the effect you're describing I can think of is "colour grading" (?). Maybe you could disable it through the menus?

Thunderchunks79 December 1st, 2013 02:39

Huh… Well, I turned on color grading and everything looks bright again, but then I turned it off and everything still looks fine.

Maybe the doo-doo color scheme was part of the quest pack or content pack? I dunno. Well, at least my problem seems to be fixed for now. Thanks for the help!


Dajjer December 2nd, 2013 01:31

Interesting. I was wondering what 1.75 was all about and I'm glad I'm playing with the 1.74 GOG version. The game does stutter a bit but it seldom crashes. I got about a month in and 150 hours and I think 3 CTD thus far. A vast improvement over my day one purchase CD that crashed 3 times every 10 minutes. Sorry I can't help you with your issues, but I would start over with 1.74. This is my 4th time playing G3 and it looks like I am finally going to finish a game.

BTW, I too love the vibrant colors of G3. And realistic darkness sucks. I consider it a cop out for not having any graphic content. Ewww, get me, it's all black and dark and I can't see a thing and I've been transported to the future in a cave filled with gold and diamonds and a dragon with a lazar gun on his belt. He is ordering me out of his cave with his mind control but I cant see the door. "Get out" he hisses, but I keep running into desks and chairs because I can't see a thing . . . then BLAM, he shots me dead, game over, lights turn up, credits . . . . I can read the credits.

Kostas December 2nd, 2013 03:03

I'm certain that both the Content Mod and the QuestPack included textures, although probably with a toggle at install-time, that would significantly alter the visual style of G3. Since colour grating is also possible to disable I see no reason for one to pick 1.74 over the latest aside from save compatibility.

Thunderchunks79 December 2nd, 2013 15:59

Dajjer, I was wrong. The CP 1.75 looks and plays great and the CP guys deserve a medal for the amazing work they have done.
However, if you're already that far into the game with 1.74, I wouldn't change now. The alternate textures and lighting must have been part of the QP or the Content Mod and after doing a fresh install with only CP 1.75, I don't have those issues anymore and the game runs better than ever.

Sorry for the confusion.

Dajjer December 3rd, 2013 04:31

No prop.
And I am having no prop with 1.74. I'm not gonna mess with a good thing and I'm having a blast with the game. Unfortunately the game is almost finished and pretty soon I will be back on my quest to find more great open world RPGs. They are few and far between so I am savoring my time with G3, seeing that I will be soon finishing it for the first time.

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