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Dhruin July 20th, 2007 07:20

UFO: Extraterrestrials - Review @ Jolt
Jolt's review of UFO:ET is reasonably positive and carries a score of 7.8/10:

The game is a real mixed bag of action and strategy that, while not quite recreating the magic of X-COM, gives a pretty good showing of itself. Is it a true next generation of the genre? Probably not. It avoids a lot of the issues associated with the Aftermath games, but such improvements come at a price – that price being not an awful lot of variety. Additionally, to get the most out of the game, you have to be prepared to put up some pretty deep levels of micro management that need a big pay off to make it all worthwhile. This pay off isnít quite delivered, although the game does hint that there is more to come in a sequel, and thereís sure to be one as developers move closer to nailing exactly what made X-COM such a genre legend.
More information.

Dajjer July 20th, 2007 07:20

What game is this reveiwer talking about? He brings up game play aspects that are completely unknown to me. I wondering if his game review is simply based on reading the manual, playing a previous AFtershlock game and then playing UFO Ext. for about an hour or so. His review makes no sense at all.

mute July 20th, 2007 09:38

The story of the the game from the official site:

Planet Esperanza - colonized by spaceship Magaleansh in 2020.

Many years have passed since the first colonists arrived Esperanza. Through hard work and determination, they gradually setup base on their adopted planet. Over time, leaders emerged, a government was formed, commerce flourished and the pilgrims from Earth eventually made the planet of the three suns their home.

The story from "the fine" review

"As the gameís back-story goes, youíve been kicked off of Earth by its new inhabitants and have managed to scrape together a base on Mars with most of the surviving human population frozen and slowly thawing out, and itís down to you to make enough friendly territory for them to live in, or face the possibility of going down as the one person who failed the entire species. No pressure though".

Mars? Huh? Got me wondering a little.

And this part from the interview is fantastic:

" For a start, thereís the minor matter of taking over the planet to make room for everyone. Sounds simple, only there are some natives who arenít that keen on the idea so will make your life difficult, and boy, do they manage that. "

Natives? Of course there is natives. The whole planet is funding my research, and i got funding deducted when i do badly. Oh, if he means invading aliens as becoming native … that could explain some… :)

Well, the pictures is from the game UFO: Extraterrestrials, but the the synopsis and game is definitly more in common with Afterlight.

Well, since they have reviewed a game that i haven't played it looks interesting. Some parts of afterlight i liked and most of the combat in extraterrestrials i found great. This mix of game since like my cup of the.

Now my good Jolt. Where do i buy it? :)

Dajjer July 21st, 2007 07:13

UFO Extraterrestrials is a great game. Probably the best non RPG game I've played since Riddick. But incorporating a sigificant amount of back story that has just about no bearing on game play in your game review is ludicrous. And I find it hard to believe the reveiwer spent any real time into the game at al.

roqua July 21st, 2007 22:01

That is amazing.

edit: I think they took it dowm

Dajjer July 22nd, 2007 07:35

then a tip of the hat to Jolt for recognizing they got jobbed.

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