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Dhruin July 20th, 2007 23:42

Gods - LoI - SE version released by Strategy First
Strategy First has released the Special Edition of Cypron's Gods: Lands of Infinity, which offers improved graphics, skills and alchemy. Both a boxed version and a digital download are on offer.
Thanks, coaster!
More information.

narpet July 20th, 2007 23:42

So… has anyone played this game?

Is it worth the $20?

It looks interesting, but I hate buying crap games… so if anyone has any opinions I'd love to hear 'em…

I tried the demo many months ago and wasn't really that impressed. It may have been a very early version (tech demo possibly). I'm wondering if it has changed and if it's any good
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Corwin July 21st, 2007 02:21

I wrote a review back at the Dot. I don't think it's available in our archives here.

zakhal July 21st, 2007 07:07

They sell only from US? The postage and tolls cost twice more than the game itself. Digital d/l for a rpg? No way.

cutterjohn July 21st, 2007 20:02

OOC how long did it take for you to finish the game? (I'm thinking about picking up a boxed copy, if it's of a reasonable length, o.w. I'll be skipping it as it really doesn't sound all that intriguing, but has the fact that there's really nothing else out ATM going for it…)

EDIT: Also, from what I've read beyond having Kyla Cole as whatshername's model basis, they also cleaned up the graphics(in general) and NPC models, while also fleshing out the alchemy. How much fo these changes mean? Dunno, as I haven't seen a thing from anyone who has seen/played the special edition yet…

Corwin July 22nd, 2007 01:19

Haven't seen anything either, but the alchemy in the original was a total waste of my time and effort. It was my single biggest complaint about the game. The combat becomes VERY tactical once you get companions though I wasn't overly fond of the end game section. It's a good solid B game!!

Cypron Imp July 23rd, 2007 19:33

New demo (that of GODS LoI Special edition) is now available at www.gods-game.com. The older one was the demo of the original version.

txa1265 July 23rd, 2007 19:46

Not a bad start … I wish I had more time to play it before I get completely immersed in the Civ IV expansion later this week …

rooroosta July 23rd, 2007 20:24

Might give this a try..hope the combat isn't too slow moving for me though.

Gorath July 23rd, 2007 21:48

The German version is coming through Frogster. A demo was released today.

Alrik Fassbauer July 23rd, 2007 22:15

Okay, thanks.

crpgnut July 31st, 2007 21:50

Kinda looks like MM9 :D I've just downloaded the demo.

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