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Couchpotato January 1st, 2014 16:00

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - 75% Off on Steam
Steam is selling XCOM: Enemy Unknown for 75% Off. You can also buy the DLC, and XCOM: Enemy Within for 50% off.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown will place you in control of a secret paramilitary organization called XCOM. As the XCOM commander, you will defend against a terrifying global alien invasion by managing resources, advancing technologies, and overseeing combat strategies and individual unit tactics.

The original XCOM is widely regarded as one of the best games ever made and has now been re-imagined by the strategy experts at Firaxis Games. XCOM: Enemy Unknown will expand on that legacy with an entirely new invasion story, enemies and technologies to fight aliens and defend Earth.

You will control the fate of the human race through researching alien technologies, creating and managing a fully operational base, planning combat missions and controlling soldier movement in battle.

More information.

you January 1st, 2014 16:00

Btw enemy within is $10 @ amazon so you might look there.

Zloth January 1st, 2014 16:40

Oh, I missed this! Thanks!

Xian January 1st, 2014 19:01

You, thanks for the tip on Enemy Within, just picked it up on Amazon

darklord January 1st, 2014 19:02

Amazon have both for $20, so that's even cheaper than Steam.

It's tempting, but I think I'll wait until there's a complete edition with all the DLC and such as well.


Gorath January 1st, 2014 19:35

I have bought nothing in this Steam sale so far. There's always a cheaper competitor.

Couchpotato January 1st, 2014 21:23

Thanks for the post on the cheaper sale. Steam seems to be getting beat by the competition on some of the sales this year.:thinking:

Carnifex January 1st, 2014 21:39

Kinda sad to see Steam lose out like that, but Amazon works just fine for me.

Xian January 1st, 2014 23:32

The only bad thing is that as of today, Amazon started charging sales tax where I live. It was only $0.92 so still worked out cheaper than Steam since I already had the base game.

JDR13 January 2nd, 2014 00:18

Thanks for the heads up on the EW sale, I grabbed a copy.

The 'Slingshot' mission DLC is also on sale on Steam if anyone is interested. It's only $1.74 right now.


Originally Posted by Xian (Post 1061233043)
The only bad thing is that as of today, Amazon started charging sales tax where I live.

Even for digital purchases? That's a load of crap imo. I didn't get charged tax though so I guess Florida isn't one of the included states.

Zloth January 2nd, 2014 01:06


Originally Posted by Gorath (Post 1061233027)
I have bought nothing in this Steam sale so far. There's always a cheaper competitor.

I actually tried to buy Mortal Kombat for 66% off but Steam was choking for some reason and wouldn't put it in my checkout. I looked at Amazon and found it for 75% off.

Amazon added tax to mine, too. Not good. Kansas already has a system where you have to track every blessed online purchase you make OR just pay a flat $35. I've got no desire to track all those purchases so I always go for the latter… which means I'm going to pay sales tax on this game twice.

sakichop January 2nd, 2014 01:47

Amazon has a fulfillment center in Kansas. By law they have to charge sales tax in any state they have a physical presence in. ( ie. Office, warehouse, etc.)

Xian January 2nd, 2014 02:16

That's what happened. Amazon opened a couple offices with about 3500 jobs between them and we now have to pay sales tax on Amazon purchases in TN since they have a physical presence in the state. It was the same a few years ago when NewEgg opened a warehouse in Memphis.

ilm January 2nd, 2014 04:51

Are you complaining you have to pay taxes ? :-) We pay 21%

Gorath January 2nd, 2014 04:56

When I hear how complicated this is in the US, I actually prefer our system. It's a PITA, but in the end it's almost neutral for businesses, and end customers only have to pay once per transaction and can safely ignore the issue.
a) Every business pays VAT (actually there are at least 3 different terms for that in Germany, depending on who has to bill whom) to its suppliers and receives VAT from the parties after it in the chain. The difference has to be predicted and paid in advance (!) once a month. Corrections influence the next advance payments. So it's reasonably fair for ongoing businesses. It's just annoying because the tax authorities persue VAT issues very agressively. 1 day delay -> immediate trouble. The Spice must flow!
b) End cutomers pay VAT on everything to the business on their invoice.
c) All announced prices for end customers must already include VAT. Prices in B2B are without VAT because it's irrelevant for them.

edit: 19% on almost everything in Germany, 7% on food and a few other essentials.

Couchpotato January 2nd, 2014 05:43

That's certainly less complicated than in The US. Every state has it's own rules, and how much you pay.

Just like with Xian due to Amazon having a warehouse I pay Taxes. If you think that's bad I also pay a flat fee at tax time because I shop online.>:O

wiretripped January 2nd, 2014 12:01

Grabbed EU and DLC.
I'll wait on EW for a better sale. Don't have time to play it atm anyway. :)

joxer January 2nd, 2014 15:23

Although offtopic just to add something…

Mentioned above is that you're asked about VAT number whatnot during import process and in my country you need to have whatnot number called EORI. Even if you're not a company you must go get it in whatever governmential office. Luckily, you get it immediately, you just show up with your ID and no need to wait for possibly antitetorist checks and NSA spying over iPhone crap. :D

Not all shipping companies ask for this travesty. I've received some stuff without it, but there is a company that insists on it - FedEx. Which means, if I have an option to avoid FedEx and use any other option, I'll take it no matter if it costs more!

Finally, you say 21 and 19? Lucky you. I get skinned with 25%!

To sum this up. I'm not importing retail discs any more and am completely into buying digital forms. But you can't do it for everything. I've mentioned official Bethesda store in the pricewatch thread (20% off), you can't buy digital representation of stuff from there. Luckily, they don't work with FedEx when it comes to shipping to my country so no problem with them.

But an example recently I've ordered something outside of EU I can't buy as digital thing - an airgun. It's Pyramydair and they use FedEx. Can't even describe complications with the shipment. I know I'm an idiot and could go for another model available in local stores, but I just had to buy this one not available in anywhere in EU.

ilm January 2nd, 2014 16:11

As an end customer I like it that the taxes are included, no hidden surprises. I also dislike the tipping in the US (just not used to it, and that awkward friendliness that goes along with it, brrr) but I do like the low sales tax though. I have heard Florida even has none.

you January 2nd, 2014 16:43

I have to pay taxes for amazon these days but our rate is not too bad - only 5 and change; ten is awaful (though they have no income taxes). I ahve relatives in nashville so i pass through that neck of the woods fairly frequently.

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