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Couchpotato January 8th, 2014 01:28

Path of Exile - Readers Choice @ IncGamers
IncGamers has posted the results of their readers choice awards, and Path of Exile has won best ARPG.


Path of Exile was without a doubt the stand-out ARPG this year, so this is a wise choice from our readers. It shines with its unique skill system, a massive passives tree, regularly updated content from Grinding Gear GamesÖ and itís also free-to-play, with no pay-to-win microstransactions. The game launched back in September following what has to be one of the longest beta tests we can remember and since then itís been constantly updated with new features. Next year GGG plan on releasing the first major content update expanding the world of Wraeclast, so thereís still a lot more to come. As an indie developer, what they have managed to achieve with this game is extremely impressive.

More information.

Santos January 8th, 2014 01:28

It is a pretty good game (for the type), I just wish they'd deal with the lag issues.

NFLed January 8th, 2014 06:27

I tried it for a couple of hours the other day. I felt like I was playing Diablo 2 all over again. I also felt like I was filling out a data entry spreadsheet. Yecch.

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