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Couchpotato January 11th, 2014 17:00

Dragon Age: Inquisition - New Artwork
Gamer Headlines has some new artwork for Dragon Age: Inquisition from a few posts from Bioware on twitter.


Bioware is constantly building up hype for their upcoming powerhouse, Dragon Age Inquisition. The third installment in the Dragon Age franchise aims to right the wrongs of Dragon Age 2, and set the series back on track.

A recent twitter post highlighted some new concept art, and it looks absolutely great! From ancient elven cities, to eerie swamps and snowy peaks, it seems players will be in for a treat, at least from the perspective of diverse landscapes.

More information.

ChaosTheory January 11th, 2014 17:00

It looks really cool, but… I can't really be more excited, yet the game is still 9 months away. At some point I'm going to get tired of being excited.

azarhal January 11th, 2014 19:54

Hmm, where does the first one come from? I've seen all the others, but not that one.

zahratustra January 11th, 2014 20:17

Does look good but curb your enthusiasm guys. It's an artwork and not screenshots.

Crilloan January 11th, 2014 21:18

Why is PS3 and XBOX 360 included?

Of the nitpickings I had towards ME3 most were because of the limitiations that put on the PC version.

Developing for those ancient hardware configurations will put a dent on what they do for PC (and the new consoles).

I hope I'm wrong, I really do.


So far, I like the atmosphere of the pictures.
I have a backlog of must plays that is a mile long so I can wait for a complete version :-)

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