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Acleacius October 22nd, 2006 23:08

Ranger and Druid cave Montera.
I can't find this cave or the NPCs have fallen through the world.
I could really use some landmarks.
I travel south from the Milk/Cow farm following the right cliff and pass a shrine of Beliar on the left, a little farther up the small rebel camp near the overturned cart then to what I take as the destroyed village and an empty cave below.
Almost direct after the overturn cart is a fork in the road which I went left out of desperation looking for the cave found the Orc Theives.
I have seen the Nutty Fire Mage cave and thought I searched the area but could have missed it as the area is slighty disorenting.

I am really stuck here as I have an ATI card and can't use the Console to Goto (druid's name here), so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. :)

Acleacius October 23rd, 2006 10:00

I can't believe this, when you cross the river coming from Cape Dun the Merc there tells you if you go right you will be attacked by Bandits, I said Kewl! ;)
I never thought of ever going back and checking the long way, though I would see it when I went Trelis, doh!

The translation made it sound like south from the Milk farm and Not from the South (farm?), plus I never thought of Dominik's as a farm.
Anyway went down the long path and found a big group of Rangers and a Druid named Porgen, they happy to see me but not as happy as I was to see them, must have wasted 5 hours on trying to find that place. :p

Maylander October 23rd, 2006 10:03

Search around the destroyed village - there are two caves in the area nearby, one without any real purpose. The other cave is home to the druid in the area.

It has been reported that these npcs have vanished for some people(either fallen through the world or eaten by beasts), but I've never seen that happen myself - there are 4 Rangers, 1 named ranger and 1 druid near the cave.

Maylander October 23rd, 2006 10:03

I was just a few seconds too late.. glad you found it. :)

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