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Drithius January 27th, 2014 19:08

M&M Legacy Starting tips
Very little in the way of comprehensive Race/Class/Skill information out there at the moment, so here we go…
  1. Character creation and skills
    The skill section is especially useful:

  2. Trainer locations.

  3. Spell information via Somethingawful:

  4. Gameplay tips from a user on the Ubisoft forums

  5. Invaluable chart linked from this helpful thread.:

Pongo January 27th, 2014 20:07

Thanks for posting - helpful stuff.

My current party has a mercenary and a blade dancer as the melee experts. I've been getting a bit suspicious that the mercenary wasn't a great choice - I rolled him before I'd gotten to grips with the rules, and the lack of GM for any weapon looks like a big disadvantage.

I may re-roll a party and swap the mercenary for an orc barbarian, specialising in two-handed (to go with the blade dancer, a free mage, and a rune priest, all of whom I'm happy with!)

HiddenX January 27th, 2014 20:08

I'm playing on Warrior difficulty, too.

I'm using a 2 Tank / 2 Mage party setup.

All can use ranged weapons, but I'm not investing many skill points.

The Mages can fight and heal and handle some offensive spells.

The Tanks take the damage and attract the enemies, they need mana for this!

-> this party rocks.

But I think they are many character combinations that could beat the game.

Hastar January 27th, 2014 22:17

Thanks Drithius very helpful. I can't stop playing this game and I am having a great time. It just feels like a Might and Magic game and for me there is no higher praise. Blast some Soundgarden or Alice in Chains when you are playing and you will think it is the 90's again :)

joxer January 28th, 2014 12:47

Drithius, thanks for this.
The game is basically pots, pots and more pots. :)

Hastar January 28th, 2014 15:58

Anyone know where master dodge skill is? Also, the master air skill?

joxer January 28th, 2014 18:05

There is a list of trainers on Steam, but for whatever reason master air is not on it:
I'm leaving it here because it lists also barrels and stone bonuses.

The complete list of trainers:

Hastar January 28th, 2014 18:48

Thanks joxer.

Drithius January 28th, 2014 21:40

So, I bought the game at last. I was doing some more preliminary research and came upon this page dealing with UPlay points and in-game rewards:

Bleh. Steam >> Uplay for this kind of garbage… I guess my plan to play in offline mode isn't a reality if I want to unlock this stuff.

Hastar January 28th, 2014 23:14

Yeah I got the artifact set today.

joxer January 29th, 2014 14:34

I got it too upon finishing act 2 and am a bit disappointed. It contains a mercenary/orc only relic and I didn't want a merc nor orcs in my party. The other three items however are too nifty to skip!

Starting tip however should be if you have another uPlay game, do not unlock wallpaper and crap stuff from uPlay points, but keep those unspent so you may unlock the relic set before you even start playing M&M10.
I'm stupid because I've unlocked all I could in other uPlay games. But because of this, I won't unlock the lamp genie follower (unless it gives something really extraordinary, for example instakill Shelob in level 3 lost city or provides unlimited amount of free manapots) nor the wallpaper so I can use uPlay points for M&M11! :D

crpgnut January 29th, 2014 18:34

If I'd stop restarting, I'd have all the stuff. I just like beginning games and wimpy characters I guess :) I've never gone past the Elemental Forge.

Pongo January 29th, 2014 19:09


Originally Posted by crpgnut (Post 1061238454)
If I'd stop restarting, I'd have all the stuff. I just like beginning games and wimpy characters I guess :) I've never gone past the Elemental Forge.

Heh yeah I just restarted because my mercenary was rubbish (or I wasn't using him well, which is also a possibility!). It was actually a lot of fun rebuilding a party with a better idea of the rules.

I'm loving my new orc barbarian, two handing his way through the hordes with his club (and sarky comments to boot). And I've made some more sensible magic choices as well. Battles that were previously difficult are now much easier, although I'm still not that far in and I suck at blobbers so it will go wrong soon I'm sure.

PS - just have to add that the elves have by far the worst Irish accents I have ever heard. I'm counting this as a plus overall 'cos they're so bad it keeps making me laugh.

Fnord January 29th, 2014 20:28

In regards to the relic set that you can unlock on uplay, how does it impact the game balance? Does it feel like the game was designed with it in mind, or will it just take away the fun of finding new loot, and trivialize (early) battles?

joxer January 30th, 2014 00:57

Relics start as pathetic but unbreakable items. They get upgraded with your XP.
By the time you manage to bring them on level 4 (max), it won't really affect the balance, much XP is needed. In fact you'll probably find a first ingame relic before any of these 4 get a level.

But since those are unbreakable, you won't be returning to towns frequently to repair items just because your favorite sword/shield/armor got broken and is 10+% less effective.

Just to credit point 3. in the original post. That guy got it completely right about earth magic. It's not just early OP school, but stays OP the whole game as once grandmastered in act 3 with the spell set it gives you'll plain adore your druid or shaman.

Which means, do please take a druid or shaman with you and work on the earth grandmastery on him.

redman5427 January 30th, 2014 17:13

That's interesting Joxer. I restarted so I could have another fire caster. With a dwarf priest and two free mages and blade dancer I took down the Elemental boss in 3 turns. Not sure how well it will work with the Cyclops.
Guess that will happen with the next party

Corwin January 30th, 2014 23:22

The hard part is getting to the Crag. Must be why they hid the earth trainer there!!

joxer January 31st, 2014 01:47

redman, why 3 fire? I'd try with 1 fire and 2 air - you start with sparks and later you grab chain lightning and cyclone! :drool:

Drithius February 2nd, 2014 00:47

Does anyone know if Might adds to Magical Focus damage?

joxer February 2nd, 2014 00:53

It doesn't. Magical Focus is there to make your spells do more crits. Now you might choose to skip it on a healer, but since there are (at least) two expert level needed foci relics, you should get MF skill at least on expert level.

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