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Couchpotato January 28th, 2014 12:12

Cradle - Update# 5, Crystals, Forces, New Rewards
Mojo Game Studios has posted a new kickstarter update for Cradle.


Crystals, Forces, and a New Rewards Table

Over 14% funded, thanks to everyone we are on our way achieving our goals!

We updated our page with a more in-depth description of our mana system:

In Cradle, Mana is not just a bar that refills over time or when you chug a potion. Itís a direct connection between you and the environment. As the physical manifestation of the damage done to Aderynís realm because of its removal from Annora, mana is a powerful resource. Harnessing this energy can greatly enhance your defensive and offensive capabilities, but only if you can tap into the magical corruption of the world around you.

Mana is the fuel used to power your weapons and take your fighting to the next level. Collected in crystalline form as it bleeds from the land, the player frequently will use the power of the 5 forces of the world harnessed through the mana they collect to bring them new and mystical effects. Mana is stored in sacred crystals that can be upgraded in capacity the more that mana is used. Whether used to imbue your weapon with a mighty augment, or as the fuel to power these upgrades, managing your mana is critical to success.

More information.

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