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Couchpotato February 6th, 2014 19:40

Depths of Peril - Now Available on GOG
Depths of Peril is now avaiable for $9.99 on GOG.com. Here are the details.


Soldak Entertainment, the developer of Depths of Peril, is one of these little studios that showcase what indie game development can be. It was founded in 2004 by Steven Peeler who left his position as the Technical Director at Ritual Entertainment, to work on his own RPG title. He succeeded. Three years later Depths of Peril was complete.

As Steven says on his company homepage, Soldak Entertainment focuses on bringing new and unique gameplay to the entertainment industry. Seeing how Depths of Peril mixes the evergreen top-down action RPG gameplay with strategic elements that require the player to lead a tribe of barbarians and maintain diplomatic relations with other factions, one can only congratulate Soldak on a job well done. New and unique gameplay it is!

More information.

Fluent February 6th, 2014 19:40

This seems like an interesting game. Has anyone here played it?

The recruitment system and the various factions sounds neat.

Thrasher February 6th, 2014 19:47

I should give it another try. The garish graphics really turned me off.

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