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Couchpotato February 7th, 2014 06:21

CD Projekt RED - Two Developers Have Left
News from a recent press release has information that Lead Gameplay Designer Maciej Szcześnik, and Gameplay Producer Marek Ziemak have left CD Projekt.

They have joined a developer called 11 bit studios to make their own game. Here is the press release with more information.


11 bit studios Hires The Witcher's Lead Gameplay Designer Maciej Szcześnik and Gameplay Producer Marek Ziemak

After years of working on The Witcher franchise, lead gameplay designer Maciej Szcześnik and gameplay producer Marek Ziemak have joined 11 bit studios. "I'm absolutely looking forward to working here," said Maciej Szcześnik, who will be the lead designer of a new game in development at 11 bit. "I'll be responsible for the entire design of a game that took shape in my imagination. It's a really exciting feeling to create a new world from scratch, make its characters and rules and to know that I have this blank page to fill with my ideas and then bring them to life."

Marek Ziemak's role will be announced soon, alongside news about the exciting projects the 11 bit team is working on. Marek says, "I've been watching the indie-game scene for quite some time and I love its creativity and freshness. Without going into details, expect some hot news from us around March." Grzegorz Miechowski, managing director at 11 bit studios adds, "We make games in small teams where creative input is the key. It's great to have these two talented guys on board. This absolutely takes 11 bit to a new level."

Stay tuned for more news from 11 bit studios and its upcoming games.

About 11 bit

We are 11 bit studios a game development company based in Warsaw, Poland, Europe, Planet Earth. Guided by an experienced management team, our goal is to create exciting games for all kind of gamers hardcore players, as well as those who play on occasion and to make the games easily available through digital distribution. The head concept behind our development is to devise unique and pioneering gameplay ideas, and to implement and deliver them to all main gaming platforms: consoles, computers and handhelds. Find more at www.11bitstudios.com

Thanks to lostforever I also have a link to Polygon with more information.

More information.

guenthar February 7th, 2014 06:21

So another Kickstarter coming in March then.

Couchpotato February 7th, 2014 06:29


Originally Posted by guenthar (Post 1061239938)
So another Kickstarter coming in March then.

Maybe as I have no information on what their game is going to be yet. Check back in March but you already know that.^^

My only fear is that it will be a mobile game as 11 bit studios is primarily a mobile developer. Polygon does have a reply that helps alleviate that fear.

We’re totally multi-platform developer – X360, Ps3, PS4, Steam and mobile – this is our range. And without details – the guys will work on PC and mobile games as well.

mercy February 7th, 2014 11:40

Good for CD-Project. A little fresh blood won't hurt, because frankly the Witchers gameplay design wasn't that good. Probably a lucky move now CD Projekt RED can acquire a potent producer.

lostforever February 7th, 2014 12:26

I hope this isn't dick move by these people and they have left after their work on W3 was finished.

Couchpotato February 7th, 2014 12:37


Originally Posted by lostforever (Post 1061239972)
I hope this isn't dick move by these people and they have left after their work on W3 was finished.

I recall reading the game was mostly finished, and playable so I wouldn't worry.

Spoiler – Part of a Translated Interview

Most retailers list a September release this year, but delays do happen.

DArtagnan February 7th, 2014 12:44

I hope this isn't a sign of a change in policy.

JonNik February 7th, 2014 13:05


DW: Marketing campaign is supposed to cost 25 million USD, more than the production itself. Why so much?
AK: They want that not only RPG fans buy TW3, but the gamers that buy all the blockbusters as well. This means reaching much broader audience. Up till now only a couple of percent of the marketing budget has been spent. The main campaign will start in a few months.
The necessary evils of our time I guess, but it always saddens me a bit, reading stuff like that :-/ (As long as it wasn't funds taken from the game design budget I guess I can live with it. But maybe more could have been directed there in the first place…)

As for the designers. Too early to say what's going on there. May just have wanted to try stuff of their own outside of the constraints of a large established company…

lostforever February 7th, 2014 16:08

I also read that marketing budgets of some movies are same as or even bigger than their production costs as well… crazy…

The interesting thing is W3 cost 50 million in total (25 marketing another 25 or less for productions). I wonder how it will compare (in terms of the game and sales) to Skyrim which cost about 100 million…

Crilloan February 7th, 2014 17:10


Isnt it a rather common move in the business?
I seem to have read a couple of similar news every other year. Closing in on crunch time, some people leave (hopefully when they have finished their part).
Sometimes its good with a change of scenery every five years or so to get your passion going again.


Game industry is not the only one with large marketing costs.

A couple of years ago I worked on one of the larger pharmaceutical companies, for those, marketing of a new drug can reach development costs or even be larger.
Sad fact, but thats the way it is.


Actually reinstalled W2 yesterday, maybe time to finish it.

GothicGothicness February 7th, 2014 17:20

Witcher series never had good gameplay, so perhaps that can improve now.

joxer February 7th, 2014 17:27

All I know is that after TW2 we get sci-fi RPG. Will cdpr change direction? If it'll sell, why would they? Will some staff leave cdpr and move to phonegames? Of course they will, some ppl live only to scam others.

GG, did we really play TW games because of gameplay? I played the first one only to collect all cards. :D

GothicGothicness February 7th, 2014 18:10

I played it because of great graphics and interesting C&C.

joxer February 7th, 2014 18:40

See? Definetly not because of gameplay. For all I care, and I bet for all you care, they could have made the combat even worse, we'd still enjoy the game.

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