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Couchpotato March 5th, 2014 23:58

South Park - Editorial @ Strategy Informer
Strategy Informer has new article based on a recent Reddit AMA. The best part of the AMA is the reason for the censored versions. So read on for more information.


If you thought you could turn some 0s into 1s and get the censored scenes in South Park: The Stick of Truth to show, then you'd be mistaken. The actual scenes are completely removed, including the audio.

A Ubisoft Associate Producer explained the situation, and their reasoning was to "avoid a “Hot Coffee” type situation," by ripping out the "20-second-or-so gameplay/cutscene" from the disc.

In place of the censored scenes are static images explaining what the actual scene entailed, along with a facepalming statue for European versions.

"I’m the Associate Producer on the game for Ubisoft. We did make a separate version just for Germany/Austria. There’s actually 5 versions: North/South America, Europe, Germany, Australia, and Russia. Only the North/South American one is completely uncensored on every platform. The Australian one is censored on all platforms, the European and Russian ones are censored on console only, and the German one is censored on console for anal probing etc as shown in this screenshot, and censored on both console and PC for swastikas, Heil Hitler arm salutes, etc." said 'walgiz' on Reddit.

More information.

tomasp3n March 5th, 2014 23:58

Kind of funny actually, especially considered what is NOT censored in alot of more "serious" games. Blood, gore and violence is fine, but a cartoon making fun of things not quite politically correct? Not so. Although I can't say the censored material sounds like anything I would actually care to watch, the censoring itself disturbs me somewhat.

I get an uncensored version anyway (so "you lose again Europe" is pretty off…)

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