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Couchpotato March 15th, 2014 06:24

Satellite Reign - Developer Diary #6
5 Lives Studios has posted the development diary for Satellite Reign. The update gives us a look at some gameplay footage for the first time.



We are really excited to give you a first glimpse of Satellite Reign today in glorious 1080p. But first the disclaimers, its very much a pre alpha build being demoed, nothing here is really final, the UI, audio, weapons and effects are 100% placeholder, in fact it’s so early we weren’t going to show any combat or civilians, but..

The video was actually meant to demonstrate the agents coats reacting to wind from the cars zooming by, but before we knew it we were showing crowds of civilians, CCTV cameras, cover usage, x ray camera mode and even a couple of enemies..

The video was recorded at 1920×1080 @ 60 fps on a 2nd Generation i5 PC with a Radeon 5970 using Fraps.

More information.

borcanu March 15th, 2014 06:24

rnt u feeling a bit chaotic about it?

I mean, thats how I felt about the original too.. but I didn't take it as a feature

mercy March 15th, 2014 20:36

5 Lives Studios can develop the game far better than they were able to charm during the KS campaign.

tomasp3n March 15th, 2014 23:29

Looking good so far. Glad I backed this.

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