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cptmaxon March 23rd, 2014 20:05

Gothic 2 dex based swords
so once and for all…
are dex based swords(rapier, master sword and the aptly named… Sword) scale up damage based on str or dex?

Maylander March 24th, 2014 13:06

Is this NotR? There aren't any good options in the regular one as far as I know. Anyway, they still scale with Strength I'm afraid, but their base damage is much higher than most weapons, so the overall damage is still very good. Both the Rapier (50 dex, 100 dmg) and Master Sword (60 dex, 120 dmg) are very good options until you get the Claw of Beliar.

Dez March 24th, 2014 15:01

I agree with Maylander. The extra damage is always based on str.

Dex swords however have a very high base damage, so they are quite optimal weapons for an archer or a mage. :)

The best dex sword isn't master sword though if we think of pure base damage. Although I'd still take master due to 10% bonus to 1-handed skill. :)

Name Bonus Dmg Str Dex Range Value

Betty no bonus 130 - 110 100 1300

Master 10% 120 - 60 100 2400

Rapier 8% 100 - 50 70 2000

Epee 5% 40 - 20 70 500

And yes Beliar's claw beats everything :)

JDR13 March 24th, 2014 18:44

I wasn't aware the Dex based swords did extra damage based on strength. I always thought it was based purely on Dex…

Dez March 24th, 2014 19:03

Hmm it seems we need proper tests :). I wish I had time to do them now, sadly I just have to refer to this link:


And also:


Maylander March 25th, 2014 14:58

Yes, I am certain all melee weapons use strength, and all ranged weapons use dex. We ran some tests years ago. That's why crossbows and dex based swords have such high base damage. They have to make up for the low damage from stats (if you use crossbows you have high strength and low dex, whereas if you use dex based swords you have high dex and low strength).

Also, the master sword is by far the better sword in my opinion. It's fantastic for dex users. It can be used to easily bridge certain gaps in terms of mastery, such as 50 -> 60 to earn the master combo without burning 20 skill points, or even 90 - 100 where you can save even more points. If you are a dex user, you are likely to spend a lot of points on bows (or you might as well go strength), so saving points on melee skills is very nice indeed.

Edit: Also, it's very easy to both get and use master swords and rapiers. They're at 60 and 50 dex respectively, which is very easy to get compared to the whooping 110 that Betty requires. By the time you get 110 dex, you will most likely have the Claw of Beliar.

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