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mannygt March 25th, 2014 16:23

Compiling all the shaders in one way?
Hello to all :)

I've played this great game a couple of years ago with the Community Patch v1.74 and I really enjoyed it.

Now I want to play it again, so I'm downloading again from my Steam library and, of course, I'm downloading the new Community Patch v1.75.

If I recall correctly, the major issues of freeze/stuttering during the gameplay it was due to compiling of new shaders when it needed.

Now the answer is: before I start to play, is there a way to compile all the necessary shaders in one strike even if it will necessary 1 or 2 hours to do?

Thank you very much.

joxer March 25th, 2014 16:43

That is a question I also want an answer on. G3 had stutters on my side when I wanted to replay it with CP1.75, but never got deeply into it (was distracted by some other game release and in the end didn't replay it).
But IIRC when I was searching for an answer, the catch/solution was to mess with the process priorities, not touching the engine resources. The stutters may not be visible from the start, but become obvious when you rotate the camera anywhere outside the first village.

In any case, I think it's high time to replay it instead of leaving it rotting on my PC… Putting it on top of my next to replay list.

JDR13 March 25th, 2014 17:15

That would be nice, but I think someone would have figured out a way to do that by now if it were possible.

SpoonFULL March 25th, 2014 18:16

I never understood why this 'momentary' stuttering is any problem in G3. It only stutters for a second or two when you enter a larger area of the map or teleport, and that's it - just a second or two, not continuous.

It did not detract from my enjoyment of this wonderful piece of gaming at all.

I am currently playing call of pripayt and it also slightly suffers from this stuttering once you enter the map.

As JDR said, if it was possible to do, someone would have done it. In fact, all open world developers would have implemented this 'magic technique' if it existed (without the need for loading when entering new game areas).

mannygt March 25th, 2014 18:52


Originally Posted by JDR13 (Post 1061247141)
That would be nice, but I think someone would have figured out a way to do that by now if it were possible.

Or maybe he don't, or the compiling method it related to your video card, maybe (I don't know the technical things) :)

joxer March 25th, 2014 19:51

It is nohow related to a video card. It is very possible that there is a cache file with the data once processed stored inside, the only question is can you set it to be huge within options or not.

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