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Myrthos April 3rd, 2014 17:59

The Mandate - The Captain's Holomap
Eurogamer made a developer diary video available of The Mandate showing how to plan your combat using the Captain's Holomap.


The developer of science-fiction role-playing game The Mandate has released a new video showing how you plan space combat.

You can interact with your crew for quests and story, fight space battles, storm enemy ships and explore a galaxy "that reacts to your choices". The Mandate has been compared to BioWare's Mass Effect series.


More information.

SpoonFULL April 3rd, 2014 17:59

Very impressive and well done. The transition between the map and actual space is very well made.

Look forward to playing this 'mount and blade' in space, and glad I backed it.

Roq April 3rd, 2014 18:49

Whoever compared it to Mass Effect is a dork.

grimwold April 3rd, 2014 18:57

I am really starting to look forward to this. Look interesting.

you April 3rd, 2014 19:05

It reminds me a bit of homeworld but better due to the map feature. Naturally this is more rpg than rts but the map feature looked reallyneat and well thought out…

Capt. Huggy Face April 4th, 2014 08:46

I think I'll be glad I backed this one.

Speaking of Mount & Blade, I just saw they have a complete port of Warband available for very select Android devices. It seems a gamepad is required at the moment, but I found a post by one of the devs that made it sound like they were working on touch controls and planned to release it on more tablets. I finally broke down and got a tablet, and I would very much like to play Warband on it. :)

In other Android news discovered while messing around with my new tablet, I Googled my way across a tweet from Trent Oster just today, saying his guy is currently moving the beta of Baldur's Gate:EE to Google Play.

I would also like to play Baldur's Gate, both of them, on my new tablet. Sorry to derail the thread. :)

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