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Couchpotato April 4th, 2014 09:08

FTL: Advanced Edition - Released
Subset Games has a new post on Steam that the promised FTL: Advanced Edition is now available for free if you previously bought the game.


FTL: Advanced Edition is available!

FTL: AE is free expansion to FTL which includes a new alien race along with new events, weapons, playable ships, drones, and more! It also adds additional musical tracks by Ben Prunty, and events by Tom Jubert and guest writer Chris Avellone.

If you own FTL on Steam it should automatically update the game to the newest version, v1.5.4. If you instead own a DRM-Free version of FTL, you need to re-download the game from the original location and then re-install it. The following link has more information about updating DRM-Free versions - Update Instructions [www.ftlgame.com]

Additionally, FTL has also been released on iPad! It is the complete game (same as PC) and includes the new AE content. It costs $10 in the US Store and is available on the App Store worldwide. Note: FTL purchases on computer cannot be transferred or redeemed on iPad.

More information.

JonNik April 4th, 2014 09:08


Just when I was thinking what I am going to play when I finish Dark Souls (and before DS2). This should help me burn a few hours on the side :)

And the extra content sounds very nice indeed. Not to mention that the game sorely needed it imho. Lots of fun little game but a bit barebones I think…

Kordanor April 4th, 2014 10:23

Really cool new mechanics.

But I also read that Chris Avellone contributed by writing some new event texts.
While I saw all the new Modules in action in the ~5h I played. I can't say the same for new events. I don't think I had more than 2-3 events which I didn't know before.

What are your experiences with that?

Malkavian April 5th, 2014 22:43


Originally Posted by Kordanor (Post 1061248396)
What are your experiences with that?

The exact same. I encountered 2 texts I didn't remember, everything else was known to me. Either Avellone only wrote some very rare quests, or…

Kordanor April 6th, 2014 01:47

There is one sector type "Abandoned Sector" and there you encounter the new race and events. But besides from that…

And I just got screwed by the Endboss on hard…boy…if you are unlucky you don't stand a chance even with the best system. If they are hacking your weapons you are screwed.

JDR13 April 6th, 2014 02:45


Originally Posted by Kordanor (Post 1061248509)
And I just got screwed by the Endboss on hard…boy…if you are unlucky you don't stand a chance even with the best system. If they are hacking your weapons you are screwed.

There's a Hard mode now? I only remember there being Easy and Normal modes. Although Normal was pretty damn hard anyways.

Kordanor April 6th, 2014 02:57

Yep, now you got a harder difficulty. Normal wasn't that hard once you got a hang of it and survived thr first sector in good shape. Hard doesn't seem much harder though.

I mean there is a limit on how hard you can make it until it gets unbeatable due to random factors…the hacking from the end boss could be one of them ^^

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