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Orgok August 7th, 2007 23:52

Space Rangers 2 - Wow
I'm very impressed with this Russian import space combat game. It's generally tagged as a RPG, and although I don't really consider it one, the game is fantastic. The gameplay is probabaly best-described as 2D freelancer with a Galactic Civilization style isometric view. Combat is turn based with a realtime autopilot option you can turn off and on. In addition to the space combat, there is a very well done planetary RTS component, as well as some text adventures in a Zork style (!!!). This mish-mash of genres actually works. Other minigames happen inside black holes, or after being sent to prison. The game is surprisingly crash and bug free, especially for a Russian import. Is it a RPG? It's pretty much a bit of everything. After about a week with it, I'm confident enough to share a few strategy tips with those who might want to check it out.

- When starting a new game always choose the rocket launcher and engine upgrade. Human Mercenary is a very good choice, as is Human Merchant.

- During the opening tutorial you can stop at the second planet you visit and buy a ton of machinery for about 60 credits. You can fly these goods to your home planet to make quite a bit of seed money. After you drop off the medial supplies you can talk to the quest giver again for a RTS quest. This quest will give you enough cash to make a decent profit and make aroud 15000 credits in the first 2-3 months of the game… a worthy investment.

- Your engine dictates your jump range and ship speed and is the most critical piece of equipment when starting out. FedEx quests are an easy way to make cash early and a good engine makes doing these on harder difficulty trivial.

- Upgraded first level equipment is the best bet, as it costs so little to repair. Get the smallest stuff possible, the added cost is minimal on lowtech stuff. things like radar and grippers can work as well as third-and fourth tier tech when upgraded with micromodules and science stations. Don't buy any gear that has green stat numbers. These have already been (probably poorly) upgraded. Get small (15-20) lowtech gear for cheap and upgrade the hell out of it, your wallet will thank you later.

- Here's a nice first year outline to set you up in your first game.

1) Start as a Human Mercenary with rocket launcher and engine, points in firepower and maneuverability. Sell all your minerals, your gripper, engine and laser. Buy all the medicine from the ranger base. Fly to Earth to get your first mission

2) Pick up all the medicine at the medical base. Fly it to venus and sell it all. DO the RTS quest on this planet. 50% of the time you will get a micromodule "cent". This is good, so keep it. Buy all the Machinery here you can carry and fly back to Earth.

3) Sell all your machinery. Get the quest to blow up the asteroid. Blow it up (you have no gripper so don't bother with the minerals). Fly to Venus and buy another load of machinery. Back to earth and sell it.

4) Get credit for the asteroid quest. Now you have to fly to another system, but first back to venus one more time to grab the last of the machinery Make sure it's cheap enough to have at least one thumbs up. These mean your goods are cheap. Take this with you to your destination.

5) Try and sell your machinery (thumbs up is good). Destroy the droid your instructor asks you to. Meet your new friend and fly back to earth.

6) The tutorial is complete, so head to the science station to get plot information. While there use the search function (magnifying glass at the bottom of the news tab) to find a "brandiochace" engine. Just search for Bran. Next to each will be a number, this is the size of the unit. Try and get the smallest one possible. Fly out and get it… BUT ONLY IF IT HASN'T BEEN UPGRADED. The green speed and jump distance numbers mean upgraded, once you have done this you can't improve it any further.

7) Use your Cent micromodule on the engine to make it as cheap as possible. Now we can upgrade this expensive engine at a science station for very little cash, and our repairs will be cheap. Congratulations. You now have the fastest engine in the galaxy. This makes fedex questing profitable and easy. You should probably buy a large ship and do some trading while fedexing for a while.

8) Once you have about 100k cash look for a combat ship. Anything 350-400 space is great. Look for ships with artifact slots and boosters. Agan, look for ships without green upgrades, as upgrading your hull is huge in the early game. You don't want a shield generator until you can get one that protects 30-35% damage, so either the purple or green pirate hulls (350+ space) are good choices. The Mesostrutural "Revenge of the Skies" pirate hull is a fantastic ship and I reccomend it highly. Throw in some frag cannons and you are ready to fight.

Zakhary August 8th, 2007 00:21

Space Rangers 2 is an excellent game. You can play it with a very slow computer too (youll just miss the planetary battle but.. those are the worst part of the game really)

They sell it in europe in a nice DVD package that also includes the first space rangers game. I believe this product is simply referred to as "Space Rangers" when in fact it includes SR1 and SR2.

Very nice game. Highly recommended for RPG fans.

Lucky Day August 8th, 2007 01:25

thanks to good buzz like from our own little site enough sales overseas managed to justify bring SR2 and Seal of Evil to the North American market.

To be honest I found SR2 a lot more complicated than SR1 which I found it a lot better.

Space cRPG's have a look and feel than most fantasy oriented cRPG's. They tend to substitute stats with ship upgrades and there's a heavy (usually 3d) space travel element to them. And of course the focus on trading. The other RPG element of the game is the unlocking of the story as you move from prot to port talking with various characters.

This is the formula since time immemorial. The first one I remember playing was Origin's Space Rogue.

Dhruin August 8th, 2007 03:00

I'm a huge SR fan. I found it years ago when I was looking for Escape Velocity: Nova clones and was lucky enough to play the original long before a publisher was found. Absolutely brilliant.

Corwin August 8th, 2007 03:01

I loved SR2, and wrote a review of Seal of Evil back at the Dot. If you haven't got them, take a look!!

txa1265 August 8th, 2007 16:07

I loved Space Rangers 2 but never finished SR1.

As for Seal of Evil … well, I didn't think so highly - but there were plenty of unintentionally funny moments!

dteowner August 8th, 2007 18:20

Sounds similar to X2. Accurate comparison?

Zakhary August 8th, 2007 18:26

Not really. X2 is and feels more like a sim. That's why I got bored of the game, I'm not interested in managing my ship like a space simulator. In space rangers you only concentrate on the RPG-like stuff

Space rangers also features some very cool text-adventure type minigames.
When you go to jail for example.. you can do tons of different cool things.

Damn I started to really miss that game. I'm going to install it and play it again soon. It will be a serious addiction again, though…

dteowner August 8th, 2007 18:57

So less about the graphics/piloting and more about strategy and planning?

Zakhary August 8th, 2007 19:18

It's a 2D game. You move your mouse and click somewhere to move your ship.
The combat has turns. No twitching. No fast reactions. No action.


It just.. so much fun, so addictive, so good, so right.. in some odd kinda way.

dteowner August 8th, 2007 19:33

Sounds good.

Hey Corwin and Dhruin, y'all know my taste (or lack thereof). Good choice for a purchase? Zakhary is pretty convincing.

curiously undead August 8th, 2007 19:38

hey dte its quite cheap on totalgaming…i'd give you my copy if it was possible as it "lost me at hello"

judging by the games you play i'd be shocked as hell though if you didn't like it.
and that's from someone who doesn't believe in it;)

Zakhary August 8th, 2007 19:51

For Europe:

15,50e is not much for two great games.

Dhruin August 9th, 2007 01:11

I think you'd definitely enjoy it, dte. It's a space trader / adventure / strategy / RPG game with charm and great gameplay - go for it.

When you get it, stick with it for a little while. It's very unstructured (like many space traders) so you need to find your feet and set your own direction/goals.

Zakhary August 9th, 2007 01:26

Dhruin is right.
The game won't be telling you where to go or what to do.. That's for sure…

Corwin August 9th, 2007 02:09

Yep, as the others have said it's a fun game and not expensive. Still, you could always finish Grimoire!! :biggrin:

dteowner August 9th, 2007 19:16

Can't do anything yet. Dell "misplaced" my order.

If my new shiny ever shows up, I'm planning on putting the wraps on my UFO:ET game (assuming I can transfer the save game without the virus jumping over). After that, who knows.

vidder August 9th, 2007 19:52

also the music in the game is fantastic!

Zakhary August 9th, 2007 20:28

I never played the first one… As it is included on the DVD I think I'm gonna try
that next before I start the second SR again.

Dhruin August 10th, 2007 01:10

My review back at the 'Dot, in case that helps dte:

Don't bother with SR1 - SR2 is essentially the same game but improved in almost every way. I just couldn't go back to the interface of 1 after playing 2.

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